Thursday, April 1, 2010

One year of clutterpunk... a 'thank-you' giveaway

I started this blog one year ago today. (April 1st - foolish, no?!).

I just went back to read my first post, in order to remember why I started this blog. And, unbelievably, I discovered that my core aims for blogging have indeed been the ones I have focussed on! These were:

1. To live more creatively
2. To live more sustainably
3. To create more sustainably.

Now the ways in which I have been exploring, and fulfilling, these aims during the past year are many and varied, and I will save for further posts a more detailed round-up of my growth (or not) as a crafter and a sustainable homemaker. 

The main point of this post is to say thank you! I did not at all expect to have so many readers join me on this blog, nor did I at all expect the astounding level of interaction, community, and real life friendship that has come from blogging.

So here's a little thank you giveaway for you. It's open to readers of this blog from anywhere.

The main prize will be this coffee-sack market bag, which I had great fun making last week:

This bag will come to you with some goodies included, but these goodies will be tailored to the winner and will depend on who you are, what you like and where you live.

There will be two other prizes as well, but you'll just have to wait in suspense to see what those are!!

To enter, leave a comment, and answer me this: why do you think I called my blog 'clutterpunk'? Do I like clutter or hate it? Am I a punk? Do you care? This post might give you some clues. Don't worry, I will not choose the winner on the basis of accuracy...most likely I will employ But I DO want something interesting to read in the comments!

Anyway, thanks again... without you guys, the journey so far would've been a whole lot less satisfying.


  1. Well, 'punk' was originally about being anti-establishment, "aggressively modern".
    So if you apply that to a clutter concept, you're looking to address your clutter issues in a way that is thoroughly progressive and a little bit alternative too.
    Hows that?

  2. I think it is all about decluttering for you...Keeping that happy medium for clutter and non-clutter...Whatever it is, it is great and I love reading your blog....Happy 1st Birthday Clutterpunk and fingers crossed for me to win this awesome bag....
    Keep up the awesome work

  3. well, obviously Punk because you have stripey socks and look like Punky Brewster. Either that or a red mohawk!
    Clutterpunk, because it's got 3 sylablles and sounds cool.
    Really I think it's about the 'good clutter' subculture of reduce, reuse, reduce, repurpose...
    THanks for your blog Gina, it makes me happy, inspires me and is warm and friendly and kind and real and neat, in a good way.

  4. Going back and reading your clutter post, I love the way that you've separated the good clutter and the bad clutter. Maybe Clutterpunk is all about separating the good from the bad, realising that we don't need all the STUFF to make us happy.
    I'm also chuckling that you described yourself as a recovering Eco-Jerk!
    I have my fingers crossed to win that gorgeous bag.

  5. Happy blog anniversary :)

    I've often wondered about the 'clutterpunk' but must say it is catchy.
    wishing you many more days blogging.

  6. Why thank you! I like your shoes too! Happy blogiversary!

    I like to think that you got your blog name because you were at a Ramones concert and there was all this mess on the stage, and you went up on stage, told Joey to shove over, and started sorting the recyclables from the compostables ... and Joey goes to the audience "Hey! It's a Clutter Punk!" and the crowd went wild.

    (Maybe i should lay off the coffee for a bit... I'm feeling a bit silly this morning!)

  7. You have a great space here Gina, well done on the big 12 months!

    I think you may have a love/hate relationship with clutter.

    Lovely to have met you last year xx

  8. You're showing your clutter who the boss is. Changing it from drab to...punk???

  9. Congratulations! What a great achievement. Being a youngster myself in the blogging world, you have been a huge help to me. Thank you so much. I've enjoyed every post since I 'met' you and am still going back to read other posts along the way.

    Here's to many more great reads!

  10. I think it means not conforming to the clutter, showing the clutter who's boss.

  11. I felt the need to do some research! According to my dictionary, the word punk is derived from spunk, which implies courage and spirit. This then relates to the effort required to win the clutter battle. Congrats on the milestone, I'm loving the journey xx

  12. I like to call your blog Clutterplunk, as I imagine you walking along going 'clutter, clutter, clutter' and then you tip over some clutter 'plunk!'. Cracked the child up anyway!

    Happy blogaversary, and glad I met you!

  13. Congratulations to you on your 1st blogiversary. Hmmm clutterpunk for you must mean that your trying to keep your lifestyle in check and not accumulate too much of the bad clutter and appreciate the good clutter! I think we all need to do that in our lives dont we. I have to say the sack bag looks great!

  14. Congratulations! I knew I would be a longtime follower of yours after reading the post about your "floordrobe" - love it!

    Thank you for sharing your journey!

  15. i really like the divisioj of good and bad clutter...we're decluttering the craft room over easter, hopefully a search party isn't needed!

  16. Happy Bloggy Birthday! Wow another person I could have sworn has been around blogdom FOREVER! Hmmm as for the name ... I know I read that post but am fighting the urge to check back ... I think it was something to do with having clutter but it being the right kind of clutter. Clutter that can be reused, recycled, re-loved.

    The coffee sack tote looks AWESOME btw. xx

  17. Just found your blog and I'm bookmarking for later to read through at leisure.

    Love, love, love the bag!

    I read your clutter post and completely agree with the whole concept. My house is full of good clutter too, like you, I love good clutter.

  18. Clutterpunk... I like the word, it rolls off the tongue. This alone seems to justify its use, though I hadn't thought too much about it. "Clutter", now that's something I'm familiar with. I live for long bouts surrounded by it, immersed in it. Punctuated by short periods where I wage a war against it.

    But Punk... what could the relevance be... One of Wiktionary's definitions of Punk is "A social movement rooted in rebelling against the established order" Hahaha, That's about the "good" and/or "normal life" clutter! Floordrobes, craft supplies spilling out everywhere, upcycling, unrefrained crafty chaos.... :)

  19. Congrats on your blogiversary! I love reading your blog, and I feel very lucky to have met you in real life too. I really like the name of your blog, and for no reason I have always associated it with the sound of tapping on old typewriter keys ... ie to me it is a sound effect! Love your bag and thanks for having such a lovely giveaway. Cheers to many more good times in blogland! Nic

  20. No - thank you for your blog. Its a rare jewel in the coal mine of the interwebs.

    That bag rocks BTW - did you have to hide out back of a coffee providor establishment to obtain it?

    As for the 'clutter punk' I reckon its cos you eschew the excesses of mainstream clutter-filled life the way the punk movement eschewed mainstream music. They wanted freedom of music - you want freedom from clutter? Either that or when watching Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry you misheard him and thought he said 'Are you feeling clutter, punk?'

    I'd love to know the real reason though!

  21. ok, gotta not read any other comments to work this out. Me thinks that you probably have a love hate relationship with clutter and secretly wish you could dye your hair purple? :)
    Congratulations on the anniversary, lovely to have been along for at least some of your ride!

  22. I haven't read the comments or the post about why you might have called your blog clutterpunk. I'm guessing that you have a love/hate relationship with your clutter. Why you're a punk, I'm not sure.

    Congrats on the 1 year anniversary. Look forward to reading much more.

    Ok, I'm off to read your post now.

  23. My idea of a 'clutterpunk' is someone who not only accepts but welcomes clutter in their life. They visit the op shop and test the 'Fill this bag for $10' policy to its limits. They own a decrepit trailer especially for hard rubbish collection week. They can't open their shed/wardrobe without a heap of what OTHER people would call junk falling on their head.

  24. Happy blogaversary, I have no idea why your blog is called clutterpunk...all i know its a cool name.

  25. happy birthday clutterpunk. I read your clutter post - and I have to say you have it so spot on about clutter. what feels like healthy clutter and what feels like junk food. It is a constant battle for me too - and a really difficult one to get on top of. But the clunk - not so easy. Personally I like michelle's take on the ramones, but then I like michelle's take on most things!

  26. Isn't it because you like the Sex Pistols?? Maybe I missed something??! hehe! Love your blog Gina, you are honest and so gorgeous in everything you do. And isn't this whole blogging thing just mind blowing? The amount of friendships and kinships formed no matter the distance. Keep up your awesome work.

    xx Selina.

  27. Oh YUM! Red gingham (my most favourite fabric)!! and coffee sacks (which is what I love about coffee - that and the smell, but never the taste - ugh) That bag is tote-ally gorgeous!! (um, yes, bad I know)

    I just must say that reading your blog has me cracking up and nodding in agreement about everything you say. We definitely must have hit off that one time we met but both not recall! ;) I'd love to hang out with you in real life not just blog life...

    Hmmmm now the clutterpunk bit - a love/hate relationship with clutter and punkin' it up when it comes to dealing with it? Huh? Anyway I love
    your good vs bad clutter thoughts.

    gotta go - cheeky/crabby 1yr old is screeching/bashing/grabbing computer :P

  28. cos you like to punk the clutter?! :P Congrats on your blog anniversary!! Love your work :) Love melski xx

  29. GORGEOUS bag Gina absolutely fabulous. Congrats on your first year too. I always thought you must be a bit of an anarchist and so you handled all the clutter of toddlers in an anarchistic and radical way!!! maybe like sweeping it under the bed! maybe donating it to charity to get rid of it!!! or.... you are a bit of a sex pistol head with a lot of clutter

  30. We've just come home from a school holiday adventure to a play centre and my brain doesn't work anymore so I'm going to say I have no idea and congratulations and I LOVE your gorgeous market bag and I LOVE your blog.

  31. Happy anniversary!! I love the bag. I want the bag- even though you thought I was a fat chicken until I revealed that I wasn't yesterday - I still harbour feelings of love towards you.
    I think you called your blog clutterpunk because those two words sounded good together. Although I do like your post about clutter. i agree there are good and bad types of clutter.

  32. You had titled this blog after your secret agent code name. As clutter refers to chaos. You belong to the order of KAOS, but you have retired and no longer are out to get your nemeses Agent 99 and Agent 86. Thus getting married and having kids. You want to save the planet now to make up for your evil ways.

  33. What a sweet / punky {those go together, don't they} little tote. I love the shape. And that red gingham is so super perfect with it all.

    My kids are searching for geckos - they're trying to catch one. ......

    I do recall the 'clutterpunk' post, and remember it being something about keeping control of the clutter of things and life and the feeling of want want want. I'll have to go and have a read of it now, just to remind myself. I'm always curious about blog names - but it doesn't really matter, in the end, about the name. It's the subject matter, the art / life that I view that is more important.

    Congrats on one year of blogging. If feels like you have been inspiring me for so much longer. Yah!

  34. It has also been brought to my attention that I have been blogging for just over a year... I missed my blog anniversary OH NO... Actually we were so busy this tim elast year that we actually forgot our own anniversary too OOPS... Anywayzzzz...Clutter Punk is a wicked name and I think it is perfect. It embodies what we do and achieve in everyday life with an attitude of course... what do you think?? I am needed in the kitchen so I shall continue this later... I love your work and your bag but best of all I like you the way you are clutterpunk!!

    xo Steph

  35. cos you ain't gonna let no one tell you what your clutter is or isn't!

  36. i agree with comment number one wholeheartedly... reduce, restyle-- get rid of excess and use what we already have. waste not, want not... that's a huge part of your journey. happy anniversary and thanks for the chance to win such goodies! xo m.

  37. oh, to be honest, I didn't really knew what clutter is… I had to watch it up… hmm! for me clutter is very inspiring but also very annoying sometimes. but anyway, clutter comes fast but calm… :)

  38. Is it really only a year? Well a hearty congrats on reaching the milestone :)

    I think 'clutterpunk' is all about making your own damn rules about your clutter, and to hell with what anyone else thinks - and what an excellent state of mind that is!

  39. Happy 1 Yr Clutterpunk!!!
    If I recall when I first came across your blog, your name was what made me follow immediately! It hit me smack in the face, made me laugh, made me think...Oh ya...that would be me!
    Now reading your post I realize that I can relate even more so! Although I can't say for you, but for myself it definitely resonates what Melanie, Isis, and Andi had to say.
    Many times in life it is a struggle to change our ways and attitudes but to do so authentically we must embrace it, rejoice in our successes, accept that occasionally we'll fail, and not give a mick about what others have to say about it.
    Thank you for sharing and for upcycling such a gorgeous bag!! ps: I like your shoes too!

  40. Bravo on a year of inspiring posts, chickadee. I think you need a little bit of clutter (as do I) but you're working through managing it. And hopefully the process of managing it is satisfying in itself.

    I LOVE that bag. Pick me!

  41. I figure it's related to kids and the clutter that comes with them. But... that's probably just me applying it to my own clutterfest.

  42. Congratulations Gina!! Such a special anniversary and a fabulous giveaway too :) Okay, my theory on Clutterpunk... well, a punk is someone who rebels against society but they actually still operate within society, so it's really a love/dislike relationship (I really really detest the word hate) that they use to energise themselves to create a parallel world of sorts. So, my theory is that you like and dislike clutter, you rebel against it, but also use it to energise yourself to be creative and challenge/change things you don't like in the world to create your own little world of how you'd like things to be :)
    Okay, I know, it's a terrible theory! But you're right - it was great fun doing it anyway. Happy 1st Year blogging Gina :) Kx

  43. Clutterpunk.....definitely the love/hate thing.....I love clutter..but ORGANIZED has to be organized.....the punk is edgy, along with the clutter..all in a good, creative, crazy way!

  44. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. As for 'clutterpunk' - you've invented the 21st century variation on the old saying 'clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be happy' as in "punked enough to be healthy, cluttered enough to be happy"...ok I tried...great blog and you've made, sewn, crafted, organised SO MUCH in a year. Well done!

  45. Happy bloggerversary!!

    You've always been amazingly good with words, and making them up or joining them in different ways to make new and better meanings. If I ever come across an old letter of yours, I'll send you a copy. :)

    Your honesty and humour in all things is ALWAYS appreciated, and I am very glad that we've finally found a way to keep in contact that seems so easy. I have really enjoyed your journey, and am totally inspired by you!

    Clutterpunk - I have a picture in my head of a Gina Punky Brewster, surrounded by semi-organised chaos, laughing at the antics of her friends and family.

    I love your guts G!

  46. happy 1 year!

    i had a couple thoughts about the meaning of your blog.

    the whole punk movement is about saying "screw you" to the world, etc and so adding that to clutter, one definition could be that you're saying "screw you" to clutter. :)

    another facet of punk is about defying social norms. your definition at the top of your blog is about reducing, rethinking, etc, which until recently, is completely against the social norm of "more more more".

    i think thats all i've got!

  47. I think the name "clutterpunk" just gives me a vague mental image... okay!

    Here is what I picture:

    A girl with a pink mohawk sitting on the floor working on a project with crafty things all around her and just a big mess--although it's probably organized chaos, but to an outsider it wouldn't seem to be.
    Also, she has stripey socks.

    Obviously I just roll with the mental pictures and am bad at putting actual thoughts into things! haha

  48. I think it means that you're looking at clutter from a different perspective! Most people only think of clutter as being bad, and you're looking at some clutter as being good! :)

    Super cute bag btw, where do you get your coffee bags?

  49. Hello,
    that's a nice question. There is no translation to german. I like your style and think the name have something to do with creativity. Have fun!

  50. Congratulations on one year! hmmm I think you called it clutterpunk because you are referring to your clutter literally and cluttered thoughts, perhaps in a previous pre child life you were a punk with pink hair, multicoloured clothes and umpteen piercings (my favourite punks are the neon variety, they seem so much chirpier than those in black).

  51. I have discerned that you're no punk; more of a nice person. I don't think you like clutter - who does - but it creeps up on us all!

  52. You love clutter - but have decided that there are good and bad types. The bad types can get punked and the good types you'll punk up. You're the Sid Vicious of clutter, an anti-establishment, out of control and having a wild time. ...and why not - life is short! You think outside the square - but within a hex - to save the planet for those mainstream consumerist clutter-ites.
    You are... the CLUTTERPUNK!

  53. I love the post on clutter - it is great! I must say that it is a good name and a great way to look at sustainability and creating. Use clutter to create aesthetically pleasing lumps of useful joy. Aah, too tired to answer your question properly but love the name - suits you and I suspect you are a little punky and spunky - well done on a year!

  54. I am new to your blog, do you have a shop? I don't see it and I really like that bag!!!

  55. i was a lurker but started reading your blog because of the name!!
    now i assume you aim to declutter but boy i find it so hard - i'm such a hoarder!!
    love the bag! where did you get the fabric/coffee bag?

  56. Well if you're anything like me, clutter is just a part of your life whether you like it or not! Thankfully your blog is part of my life, cos I like it and I can, like, relate - you know? I'm a punk too :) Congrats and well done!

  57. well. my my. this is my first blog give away entry. if i win, perhaps you have a dusty old cutepunk apron in the bottom of a drawer somewhere?
    your title. yes, it was the first thing that attracted me to you. scrumptious. i love it because it seems to have so many meanings at once. perhaps i read too much into it. i'm not going to look back at your referrence post till i'm done writing, so you get the full benefit of my unfettered imagination.
    clutterpunk. 'clutter,' because although it drives you to madness sometimes, it seems to be an unavoidable part of living your life with creative passion. 'punk' because you want to break from traditional "after dinner while Father reads from the bible" sewing, into a new realm of spunky, inspired, recycled, sewing as art.
    'clutterpunk' because it sounds like gutterpunk which you aren't but which you have always had a secret draw and fascination toward. and perhaps more importantly because it sounds like clusterfuck which is what you often feel your life is tangled up in, even when you want to look around and see calm clear and quiet space in which to create.'d i do?
    and how the hell do you ever find time to read all your comments?

  58. Happy blogiversary!

    I think you dislike clutter, right up until you figure out how to repurpose it into something fabulous!

  59. A clutter revolution?

  60. Happy Blog-bday! I think punk means anti-establishment, or a way of going against the norm. Clutter seems to be the norm these days with people wanting and having too much stuff they don't need and drowning in it - so maybe your blog is a way to go against the grain and streamline things, creatively and with some pizzazz!

  61. congrats Gina! I am happy to have found your wonderful blog & to have got to meet you aswell.

    i think you just wanted to put on your doc martens & stomp all over the amazing clutter you have & make it into wonderful creations like the bag above!
    i don't know, the name just sounds good!