Friday, May 27, 2011

The perfect Friday night in

3 children quiet in their beds (for now)
a tired but happy husband home from his long day
West Wing season 4
warm apple and rhubarb crumble
cold ice cream
some satisfying hand-sewing
(one pentagon patchwork ball completed, another on the way)

I just had to take a break in between episodes
to take a photo, remember a lovely moment
and make some tea.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Easy as 1-2-3

We're really enjoying these early weeks with our fifth family member. Far more than I predicted. Not that I was anticipating a world of pain, but I like to keep those expectations low!

And it's not all down to my little lass being a dream-baby or anything. She's a fairly typical baby I suspect. Some sleeping, some not-sleeping, some gooing, some crying. She's not quite five weeks, so I'm not planning to pigeon-hole her just yet! All I can say is that we're really enjoying her and the sense of cohesion I feel like she's brought to our little gang. Watching my firstborn, William, delighting in his little sister is truly gratifying.

When I say 'we', perhaps I shouldn't try to speak for all of us. Quite predictably, I can feel Charlie, my now-middle child, struggling. He's two and half and has just been usurped as the baby, so it's completely natural. I don't think it helps that the eldest and youngest share so many similarities as newborns, and that we probably keep drawing comparisons to their physique, alertness, and distinctive mannerisms within earshot of our not-quite-cookie-cut kid. 

Charlie, we adore you no less now than before - you're the perfect middle kid for our family!

So here we are, five weeks in, finding our new rhythm as a family.
 Funnily enough, it looks largely like the old rhythm, apart from one thing:

There's a lot more PINK.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

She arrived.

That's right - she!

Susannah came into the world three and a half weeks ago. Chez clutterpunk is besotted.

Our family has been enjoying a quiet 'babymoon' with the help of my wonderful parents and sister. Justin has been home, the boys have been eased into the new reality, and we've been well fed and rested!

I've enjoyed a great gift - the space to sit around drinking cups of tea, cuddling my delicious newborn girl and working with her on the breastfeeding (which was a bit bumpy to start with but is now well-established).

Tomorrow, we are heading into our first week alone as a family of five. And although I'll miss all the adult company and spare hands, I'm more excited than nervous.

But first, S and I are enjoying our first 'girly day' alone. Sensibly, she's spent most of it sleeping so far. As for me, I've finally cracked out the craft... wheeeeeee!

Life has resumed. It feels good.