Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Awkward Half-Year Silence


How are you doing? 

Just a peek at my hideously overstuffed blog reader tells me you're doing well. I can see you've been productive, creative, thoughtful, engaging, funny and communicative these last 6 months.

As for me, you ask? 

I'm fine is all.
No disasters, no strange turns-of-events, no fabulous tales of adventure and daring, no freak accidents that have rendered me incapable of human interaction.

Just a big ol' tummy full of baby - which, apparently, has been enough to drain all the crafty, thinky, bloggy energy out of me completely.

I feel like the end is in sight.
What has felt like the world's longest gestation has just hit its 39th week.

The craft room has finally been unpacked.
The computer has finally been set up.
The camera has (almost) been relocated. (It's gotta be in here somewhere...)
The brain has been ticking over.
The urge to sew is rising.

Of course this is laughable, given that some time in the next 3 weeks I will be reentering the world of The Newborn. Where, in between the feeding, the changing and the other-child-wrangling am I planning to reconnect with the world of clutterpunk?

Nonetheless, I'm determined to. It's time.

To all those dear, dear blogging friends who have left comments and emails of the 'have you dropped off the face of the earth' variety - thank you. Especially the ones I have yet to reply to. I've really missed our interactions. 

And even if I make nothing for show and tell in the next six months, 
even if I have no revelations about life, sustainability and everything, 
even if I don't find my camera... 
I'm back in the conversation! 

And I'll try to make my pauses just a little less long and awkward from now on :)