Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why am I here?

No, I'm not about to get all metaphysical. I'm trying to get a bit sorted out in my muddled, addled - oh, ok, CLUTTERED - head where it is that I want to channel my creative energies most. Frankly I find Meaning Of Life questions a doddle in comparison to the what, how, why and when of my next crafting endeavour.

I figure I should clear my head a bit and list a few goals here, so that
a) I can remember them (and no, I'm not amnesiac or alcoholic, just a mother of two young boys who subscribe to the motto somnus est deficio - Sleep Is Failure)
b) I can be more purposeful when I blog, and in general!

OK, enough pre-goal goals. Here are the real McCoys:

1. Live more creatively.
I already love making stuff - mainly with fabric, sometimes with paper and ink and paint and food and egg cartons. There's so much more to being creative than making the odd cushion cover, and I'm keen to expand my crafting skills, as well as using my creativity more in daily life while I mooch about at home with two tiny fascists.

2. Live more sustainably.
I'm no veteran hippy keen to tell everyone else where to go. Rather, I'm a recovering Eco-Jerk, and I want to spur myself on, find inspiration and hopefully bring some others along for the ride. Yes, living more thoughtfully and sustainably is good for everyone, but I'm discovering just how fun it is, too!

3. And, all together now: create more sustainably!
Buy less. Make more. Use what I already have. Recycle, upcycle and refashion. Buy secondhand and handmade. Turn old socks into urns! Make a wedding gown out of toilet rolls! Etc.

That's about it really.

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  1. Ohh...if you need more toilet rolls for the frock we have a box full.....there are only so many binoculars 2 kids need!


“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
~Albert Einstein