Saturday, April 10, 2010

The truth about clutterpunk... and giveaway winners.

OK guys. Thanks for amusing me much with your giveaway comments and your theories on why I named my blog clutterpunk. 

Without further ado, the at-random winners are:

#1 Patch Andi - first comment, first prize. Huh. And she made a good fist of articulating what clutterpunk is, so yay. Andi, the bag is yours, and will come with some bits and bobs to add to your groaning stash. 

#4 James - harrumph, not happy. James, friend and neighbour who joins us for pizza and mocks my offspring every Sunday night, succinctly summed up my blog as 'Cluttered, punk'. And he would know. So anyway James, I'm not really going to count you. I already take up your trousers for you. OK, I will grudgingly make you an item of your choice, but I'm drawing two other winners anyway.

#62 Cathie (m.e) - lovely! I'm already making you stuff in my head as I write this post. And dreaming of eating your cupcakes.

#57 apronstringz - oooh, an international entrant wins a prize! And from one of my favourite new blog reads. Clearly, it is going to be very tempting to send you an apron... let's talk first though.

So there you have it. Now for the truth about clutterpunk...

Of course I'm struggling now to be able to explain, in a pithy sentence, this choice of
name for my blog. It is a name which has many layers of meaning for me, all rather pretentious! Here's a bit of insight:

My beloved and I. Yes, I do have a grey-tipped right eyebrow, and no, I did NOT bleach it to be that way. But I do flaunt it proudly. 

The clutter: I was the messiest child ever. The year-old-moldy-sandwich-under-the-bed type. Once I hit my twenties I started figuring out the connection between my state of mind and my floor, and got working on the mind bit. The floor is gradually improving.

Creatively, I quite like the cluttered, eclectic look and the cosy vibe it evokes. I think it's healthy to cope with a bit of mess, and I'm not terribly interested in keeping a neat house for the sake of appearances. But I just can't get away with the moldy-sandwich-as-art bit now that I'm all growed up, you know what I'm saying?

The punk:  Who is Sid Vicious?!!! I'm a classically-trained cellist. So not punk. But I have played with various bands (try-hard punk) and now also play bass guitar (punk that!). Err, mainly at my church though (punk fail!!!).

But... insofar as being a punk suggests rebelling against the established order, I'm certainly finding my inner punk when it comes to consuming, fashion, homemaking and all that. Not to mention my preference for rebelling and punking things up when it comes to following any type of sewing pattern :)

And clutterpunk? Well, apart from combining the above ideas, I did just like the sound of it. As Nic said, it sounds like clunking away on an old typewriter. Lovely... particularly because the font I chose for my labels and stamp is called mom's typewriter.

Thanks for playing!


  1. Ms rock!!!
    thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    you may be trying some cupcakes sooner than you think.
    sooo excited, i wish my luck at tattslotto was as good as blog giveaways...hmmm...but that would mean I'd have to actually participate in the actual tattslotto thing...nah, who needs it.

  2. cool to hear the story behind it :)

  3. Very cute photo of the two of you and love hearing a bit more about you. Congrats to the winners- lucky lucky! xo m.


    You know the bit about the trousers sounds sooo dodgy, right?

  5. Yay!!! I'm a lucky duck!!!
    Thanks Gina.
    Andi :-)

  6. So your a punk housewife ;-)

    Your boys look so much like your 'beloved'. Same eyes? It's a cute photo of the two of you.

  7. I love your post - so very cool. What a beautiful photo!!

  8. Great explanation! I like the way it sounds as well, it reminds me of the game Kerplunk! :)

  9. What a fantastic post Gina! You express yourself so very well. Oh and I'm doing that face that the losing actors do at the Academy Awards whilst sending my wholehearted congratulations to the lucky winners =)

  10. Crikey. I'm not sure I needed to know about the mouldy sandwich stuff (although hypocritically, I did a lot of the shrivelled apple core thing) but the pic of you and the beloved? Love it.

  11. Yah! to the lucky winners :) Love your photo together with hubby Gina - just gorgeous. Kx

  12. Such a sweet photo Gina... and between you and me, your beloved is a bit of a clutterspunk ;)

  13. Loved reading this Gina. Great stories, great photo. Oh, and FAB hair. I want to see more.


“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
~Albert Einstein