Wednesday, June 17, 2009


As promised, today I'm drawing my Wintry Giveaway winners.
Not from the cup above, obviously. Otherwise the winners would all be... um... ME. Rather, I employed trusty to pick the winners from the 25 entries. Thanks each of you for your entries - I loved reading your evocative descriptions of what you enjoy about winter. They made me feel so cosy on the inside!
So, without further ado:
The scarf goes to no2, dillpickle. I happen to know ms. dillpickle in 'real life' and only recently she was complaining to me that she never wins anything. Well, there you go, ms. dillpickle. Quit yer belly-achin'. And get a move on with starting your own blog, I say!

The first Swiney goes to no8, Tania (of Myrtle & Eunice fame). Tania, I wonder what might befall a certain store if you pin a Swiney to your newest creation. The mind boggles!

The second Swiney winner is no1, Curlypops. How lucky is this woman? She had a spate of winnings back about a month ago and I thought, there's no way she'll win anything here, she's posted no1 (which statistically is no less likely to win than any other number, of course, but it just feels less likely.) But there you go... randomness prevailed.
Winners, I'll be in touch via email in order to get your postal details and send out your wintry prizes!


  1. I have a smile on my dial as big as the Swiney lergy! Thank you!!

  2. congrats to the winners!! What is it with Cam????? how does she do it????!!!!!!!!!!!she is a lucky girl

  3. How on earth did I win when I was number 1???
    My mind boggles some days. This is definitely one of the most hilarious crafty giveaways of all time!

  4. Yay! Woohoo!! Yippee!!! I won!!!! It's very exciting and I feel a bit special :) Apologies for my belated excitement - petal has decided sleeping for more than 20 mins a day is for wimps, and so typing while holding said overtired irritable delight is somewhat of a challenge!

    Thanks for the scarf! Can't wait to touch it!


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