Sunday, June 14, 2009

Craft Crush!!!!!!

So I went to the Brunswick Sisters' Market on Saturday, and came home starry-eyed. There were so many beautiful creations to ogle and lovely people to talk to. I wish I could have brought home one of EVERYTHING, but I practised restraint and only bought a few, ahem, essentials.*.

There were two major highlights for me.

The first was meeting dear, dear Fi, of (you guessed it) Dear Fii! She wasn't holding a stall, just loitering about, but she was instantly recognisable due to her funky glasses, gorgeous entourage of kidlets, and the dead giveaway Burrito in her hand!! We had a nice chat about her recent ascent to crafty stardom, and I tried not to sound too stalker-ish as I gushed over her colourful creations.

And then it happened. She just turned to me... and GAVE ME A BURRITO PATTERN. For NOTHING. Just because! How nice is THAT? Here's a person, trying to make a bit of a living out of her creativity, but she just couldn't help but be generous and share the love. I was quite thrilled and embarrassed and humbled all at once.

Thank you so much Fi. You're a delight and I'll so enjoy making lots of Burritos to add to my growing softie collection. I'll put photos up when I do, I promise!

The second major highlight was meeting Mel from Pieces of You.

Have you seen this gal's work? You really must. I really love and admire her handiwork, but also the approach behind it. I'm very new to sewing in general, and the concept of dressmaking and refashioning in particular, but one day I aspire to be able to take the bold, intuitive and artistic approach that Mel does to her garment-making. Here's what she says about her approach:

I like to work in an intuitive and exploratory way and to be surprised by the outcome... I like to create wearable pieces which can be worn differently by different body types. I take great pleasure in the simple acts of combining different shapes, colours and textures; of cutting and joining.

I own several of Mel's 'artworks' as I like to think of them, and I find them to be lovely, flattering, quality pieces of clothing. I also love the fact that she works with reclaimed fabrics, and respects the diversity of the female form. Please, go and check out her blog, and visit her at one of the markets she frequents. It will be worth it!

*That's right my beloved, essentials. What's not essential about a doughnut softie?


  1. Doh. I could I forget that the sisters market was on! I am such a dope! No excuse M*. grrr.

    Glad to hear you had a great time!

  2. Oh Gina it was so nice to meet you and your gorgy wee one:)the highlight of my day my dear!

  3. how good is mels stuff, you do know shes at olive grove dont you xx

  4. I am so with you on the essential doughnut softie!

  5. off topic, but check these out.

    Seriously, wow.

    (very cool peas, BTW!)

  6. How exciting! Do you know I have never seen Mel's blog - what an inspiration! Is your wrap skirt a Pieces of You piece?

  7. Just popped over to Pieces of You - how awesome are those creations - you lucky, lucky lady to have some!!! x


“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
~Albert Einstein