Monday, June 29, 2009

Just a minute... in June

I'm joining with Jenaveve's 'Just a minute' meme for the first time this month... here's my June in a nutshell.
Making... progress with the three projects on my new, much-reduced To-Do list. Hurrah, my craftstipation is passing (pun fully intended) thanks to lots of great advice.

Watching... Masterchef. I think Chris is gunning for victory.

Meeting... many fabulous creative types online and even IN THE FLESH at this amazing Bloggers' Morning Tea.

This library book:

This soul food:

This primer:

This fabulous magazine:

Listening... to my two-year-old playing with his bear: 'NO! Don't do that Bear - sit on the naughty chair!' Gulp...

Drinking... too much wonderful coffee from Toby's Estate and planning a special geeky purchase for my Beloved's significant birthday in November:

(image from here)
What have you been up to in June?


  1. Ooh! Is Peppermint generally available in newsagents? I'm also reading through Lotta Prints atm!

  2. Wow - I'm reading Lotta Prints too! This is almost freaky (though maybe not considering we all love doing our crafty things!) ;) What a lovely June you're having Gina. Thanks for this. K

  3. Glad you like the coffee , you really need to try the guatamalen (I can not spell) it's uber yummy , and we won't have it for a while, but we are getting some yemen soon so hooray!
    I really loved the magazine it's got many a cute outfit in it!
    I am going to buy myself a syphon to!

  4. Hi Gina. Thanks a billion for your comment re: brain tumour post. Yes, nasty, aggressive thing it is. Sadly watching her robbed of more of her life each day. It's been a long road. Lots of prayers (that don't seem to have worked mind you), but she knows where she's going IYKWIM ;)


  5. The Beloved around here scored a special geeky purchase for a significant birthday a couple of years ago. Difficult to try and make special geeky purchase look even a smidge romantic (a non-issue, apparently).

  6. That sounds like a wonderful month. And glad to hear you are getting the craftstipation under control :-)

    Isn't that too funny (and sometimes a bit too confronting) to hear yourself through your little ones? ;-)


“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
~Albert Einstein