Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Once apron a time...

So the pillowcase bug bit bad, and I just had to extend my repertoire. The two top pictures are of a pillowcase apron. I used the project found in The Crafter's Companion, which was great. About half an hour is all you need for one of these little babies - a very gratifying project indeed. I particularly liked the technique used to make the pockets, which was new to me.
I've become an apron maniac this week, wearing them everywhere and even trying to force them upon my beloved (yep, that is his hairy wrist protruding awkwardly from the sunflower apron pocket). Gosh darn it, they may be seen as a symbol of oppression but they're very useful, not to mention flattering on a less-than-washboard stomach.
I decided to make myself a snazzy 'going out' apron too, this time featuring some of my favourite feature pieces that have been waiting in my stash for a special project. It's reversible, padded and slightly odd but I'm loving myself sick in it. The patterned fabrics are c/o Aunty Cookie and Ink&Spindle, and the bird print is the work of Red Seed Studio. A bit of an homage to our fabulous Australian textile designers, if you will. They're all very eco-friendly, too.


  1. I love the bird on a branch apron! Gorgeous! I love aprons - but have bought so many cute vintage ones that I cannot tempt myself to make one.

  2. Great fabrics, an apron for every day of the week!

    Must go investigate red seed studio, although the last thing I need is more fabric!

  3. Great apron assortment there. The birdie one is my fave!

  4. They are fabulous. I do love the fact that your beloved is (willingly?) wearing the sunflower number.

  5. Hi Gina - thanks so much for sending me the link to your blog. I love those aprons - what a great idea to showcase some beautiful fabrics. Looks like you're having lots of fun. I do need an apron, will have to check out how you make them.
    Thank you for the link to our website. I've been ordering some new fabrics, in a softer weight - which are beautiful - that we'll be printing on soon.
    Do you have a flickr site - I'd love to add your photo to our new Red Seed Studio group pool.

    I'll be back to look around some more - always love finding new Aussie crafting blogs to be inspired by.

    Enjoy your lovely weekend.
    Ellie : Petalplum : Red Seed Studio

  6. A ‘going out’ apron! Well, I never. But I am so signed up after seeing yours!

  7. A going out apron is a super idea and I love the fabrics you've used too, they look so chic with your black boots :)

  8. Ha love the comment - loving myself sick in it!!

    I am going to make a plain A-Line skirt like the one in Amy Butler's Barcelona Skirt - and coz it is a longer panel, i am going to make the panel about 1 inch longer at the bottom... i'm very excited...

    I love your apron idea though coz it is interchangeable, i was thinking i could attached my panel with press studs - so i could was the light coloured panel separately from the dark colours skirt.. then i could make multiple panels and just interchange them depending on my mood!


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