Saturday, May 2, 2009

Taking the Wardrobe Refashion plunge...


Yesterday I submitted my online form to officially take this pledge. For SIX MONTHS!

I feel a little bit nervous. Not about not buying new stuff, but about actually making something from the old stuff I have, or making from scratch. I have a bomby old machine, no overlocker, no space and very minor skill in the sewing department. But what I DO have is enthusiasm and a creative eye.

Anyway, I'm waiting to hear back about whether I made the cut-off. And wondering if I'll really do enough refashioning to be able to post about it ONCE A WEEK. Or will all my posts be about op-shopped finds and what I bought from Etsy??

Time will tell.


  1. good luck brave warrior x

  2. Hi Gina - was lovely to meet you at the market! I'm so glad that doorstop has gone to a good home ... I absolutely hated it! I have loads more of the fabric, I don't suppose you'd like the rest of it, would you?

  3. i've been inspired by your post. i was going to go buy some new fabric to make some cushion covers. instead i have gone to a few op-shops to see if i can find fabric there. so far - a cardigan, some books and some nana-made coathangers but i am yet to find any fabric i like. i'm not sure i quite have the hang of not buying new stuff yet - maybe i should go to a few more op shops!

  4. Enthusiasm and a creative eye is the most important bit...just look at all those folk with lots of skills & time who make hideous things (like intricately knitted barbie jumpers).

    6 months - that's quite a commitment, I could probably do it now that I just got 2 maternity shirts that actually fit me!

    I like the idea of wardrobe refashioning & have been doing quite a bit of it lately....mostly for the kids....mostly because I'm either too broke or too stingy to buy new things! Maybe I'll give it a go for a shorter period of time.

    If you need any sewing tips, easy patterns to start with let me know & I can send some your way. I just got a few pairs of old man's cord pants from the op shop today (50c each, good old fashioned op shopping!) that I plan to make some boys pants from, I'll try to remember to blog about how they work out. I'm looking forward to having fancy looking pockets that I didn't have to sew myself. Also I used a couple of op-shopped flannel sheets to make us all some new PJ pants last week, cost next to nothing & it was a great way to experiment with old patterns (mistakes stay in the house, cos we don't go out in our jammies all that often)

    Looking forward to seeing some of your creations.


“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
~Albert Einstein