Friday, May 8, 2009

Scarf obsession I

'Tis the season for neck-warming in Melbourne. Out come the knitting needles, crochet hooks, skeins of gorgeous, textured wool, and funky scarf patterns.

Well, for those who have time, patience and skill, anyway. As for me, I figured I'd just sew a scarf or two. I have grand plans to learn to crochet, but I'm still a sucker for the relatively instant gratification provided by the sewing machine. Some wool fabric, favourite fabric scraps and a bit of noodling about on the sewing machine produced this for my Ma:

I went for some simple piecing for my mother-in-law, using scrap fabrics from the quilt I just made, which she saw and admired a few weeks ago:

I made another for a friend, this time with a bit of vintage pillowcase. Found myself a super-cute model too:

The scarf bug has bitten, and is still going. I'm in the middle of using up my last two lengths of wool, but I've also been making pillowcase scarves. More on that later, I'm off to read the wonderful backlog of blog posts that I've missed desperately in the last week...


  1. Loving the scarves! It's amazing how a little bit of thoughtful detail can transform a simple object and make it truly special.

    I hope that you and your Mum enjoy a very happy mother's day.

  2. Scarves look great! However, I think all three descriptions of those using a crochet hook don't apply particularly well to me!! Cardi is prgressing though - body and half a sleeve now complete. The challenge here is not putting it aside now I can see the finish line!

    It's nice to see you back online!

  3. AJ you're going to have to start a blog so I can see your progress!!

  4. LOVE the scarves! You are so inspiring :)

    I walked past a vintage fashion shop an hour ago and saw a cool dress very similar to a skirt from high school I still have but will never wear again. It got me thinking about your re-fab fashion (did I make that term up? I like it!) and how I should convert some of these old things...

  5. Your scarves look great! I love the bright spots of red especially. I'm planning some scarf making too, and hopefully it makes it out of the to-do list before it starts warming up again.

  6. If I had those scarfs, I'd be obsessed with them too!


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