Wednesday, November 16, 2011


These photos have been sitting around on my computer gathering cyber-dust. Time to put them up on the blog. I don't really have much to say, just 'hey look, I made some vests'. 

The brown Milo (no cable, I opted to leave it out for my attempt) is for a little fellow who will be entering the world in the dead of Northern Hemispheric Winter. 

The navy tweedy vest was given to a little chap named Arthur on the occasion of his baptism. It struck me as a very 'Arthur' type of vest (though the pattern, found on Ravelry, is called Colin). 

Susannah, sick of modelling vests for other infants, finally claimed her own version of the Colin, made from a delicious possum merino blend.

 That's that really. Made vests.  Dressed poor daughter in vests to take happy snaps. Gave vests away.

So there you go. Vests.


  1. Vests are great. Wish I could keep tension but knitting is a no-go for me. Baby is even better. I managed a few of them myself too but had to give it up because I got to old. hehe Cherrie

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  3. Love. You so do vest. Including perfect 'Colin' vests for Arthurs. A word of warning: keep insisting on that Susannah modelling malarkey and you'll be copping left, right and centre eyerolls before the kid hits toddlerdom.

  4. They are great and the little one is cute and happy to help "for now" it seems :)

  5. Wow I like them!

    Well done for knitting those up! I am way to slow to give my work away...

    She has the happiest smile - it radiates out of the photos!

  6. So glad that Susannah put her foot down and claimed herself one of those beauties for herself.

  7. What? They make yarn out of possum fur? Did I read that right?
    They're all lovely. I'm going to learn to knit next year. Not long to go now. I've got kneedles, I've got yarn... do I have you to email for advice and support???

  8. Ahh the trials of a baby made to model. They have no say really. And that's the way it should be. Just as well she claimed one for herself - she looks mighty pleased.

  9. Tried to look at the vests but that baby stole all the attention :-)

  10. I have pattern and wool to make a cardi for your little model.
    Will begin when I finish my cardi (as I will need the same needles...)

  11. Awesome vests!!! For someone who didn't see themselves as a keen knitter... sheesh!!!

  12. She's A-Dorable!

    Last week I saw a cart-bike thing at Northcote Plaza with an infant seat covered in vintage fabric. I thought it might be yours so I left a note saying "Hi from Mrs Beckinsale!" When I walked back past it my note had blown away. A few minutes later I saw a woman who wasn't you (unless you're looking really different these days) putting her kids in the cart. So I'm glad my note went missing.

  13. I just found your blog: thanks pintrest :) even though it seems like you have stopped the whole blogging thing - (hm. "blog" one g or two?) I just want to say thanks for a interesting read, i stayed up way past my bedtime...well, our bedtime, my little soon-to-be-four month old babygirl stayed up with me gawking at all the loveliness and listening to my chuckles. Hope you are loving your go slow life style. Yeay for that one! You have put words to my feelings. Again, thanks for posting loads of great thoughts and creative ideas and what-nots.

    Anna, babygirl and snoring husband next to us
    an english south african in Norway


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