Sunday, October 30, 2011

Time: a few thoughts.

Hello blog.

It's been a while. I've been lurking around the blogosphere, but not really engaging. My time and energy has been better spent elsewhere. Maybe I'll get back to some type of regularity soon, but no promises. I certainly have lots of parenting-living-making-cooking stuff in my head that I'd love to think through and talk out. Not to mention a backlog of made objects that I could show-and-tell. But I'm feeling a bit aimless, a bit unsure of where clutterpunk fits into the wacky world of blogging these days, and particularly unsure of where it fits into daily life. I do sometimes scratch my head and wonder how I used to make the time to hang out over here so often.

Funny thing is, I'm not absent because I'm busy. Quite the opposite. I'm very, very unbusy, and deliberately so. I've been on the s-l-o-w bandwagon ever since the monotasking revelation, and the slowness is continuing to seep into the corners of our way of life.

But wait - don't I have three kids at home? Isn't life busy? "You must be busy!" is the constant remark that all mothers of young ones are familiar with.

 Not really. Yes, there is a certain amount of relentlessness and perpetual motion to the whole thing, the waking-playing-eating-messing-fighting-dressing-eating-packing-unpacking-talking-walking-fighting-scooting-biking-fighting-talking-reading-painting-cleaning-holding-washing-cooking-eating-bathing-reading-cuddling-sleeping that goes on between the hours of 6am and 8pm (and the feeding-holding-rocking-cuddling overnight). The boys in particular are constantly moving; they do what they do with vigour. But our time is our own, and in the spirit of idle parenting we have not scheduled much in during the week apart from kindergarten, which leaves us flexible with time and able to spend it as we please.

And as a family we like to spend our time on relationships. We're people people, and we've been spending a lot of time with each other, and with friends old and new, and with our Creator, and out and about in our neighbourhood. As an 'unwaged' person, time is my commodity, and I've been really grateful about that choice during the last six months, which for a variety of reasons has been a relationally intense time. People have needed me and I've needed people. Relationships thrive on time and I've had time to give (if little else!).

Blogging to me is also primarily about the relationships, which is why I don't like posting if I can't also give time to reading and replying and interacting. I probably need to figure out whether I want to 'make time' to reinvest in the blog and the blogging world, and what that looks like.

Meanwhile, time passes. From my current vantage point, it feels like it is passing slowly, and that's a good thing. 

Susannah at six months.


  1. well, i love reading all of your posts, even though i cannot relate to much that goes on in your life except making. i hope you don't stop blogging. i went through a similar stage recently, but i'm back at it and enjoying. it is a funny thing this blogging though.

    i recently went to visit my brother, sister in law and their kids. i didn't plan to do anything the whole holiday. and i soon found out they as a family pretty much do nothing. well nothing much anyway. and i found that very refreshing. i really need to be more idle!

    have you read Tom Hodgekinson? he is great! his book how to be free is great, but you sound like you've already got it all worked out :)

    and you answered a question i've been wondering lately. my life goes too fast. if i were to do less would it slow down.... sounds like that's a yes!!! thanks and so glad to hear life is good x

  2. oh right. so now i look at the link and see it's tom hodgkinson. ha. there you go

  3. Hello there! Ive missed your posts. :-) But totally understand what you mean about taking time off from blogging to live life. I stopped blogging for a year to do exactly that, and only just started posting again a week or two ago. Im quickly finding myself sucked back into the vortex of blogland and spending far too much time reading blogs. Even though those blogs are about lovely things like nutricious food, sewing and sustainable living... its still too much screen time for my liking. Somehow I have to find the balance. Tell me when you work it out so I can copy. ;-)

  4. Lovely to hear from you Gina.

    I enjoyed hearing about the slow stuff going on at your place.

    I also had a little bit of a crisis with my blog. I give myself a break these days and not have high expectations of myself anymore. I couldn't possibly invest all the time I want into replying to all the posts of bloggers I love reading.I've learnt that it shouldn't be all or nothing. I give what I can to the blog and that's as complicated it gets for me...

    At the risk of stating the obvious, Susannah is gorgeous.

  5. Lovely Susannah in her little bonnet. I have dropped out of the blogging world over the past couple of months and cannot decide whether I want to come back in as a contributor or not. It has lots of nice sides but I'm not sure if the scene isn't just too unreal for me. I have many friends of all ages who I barely have the energy to spend time with outside of Bible meetings. I'm beginning to see that I don't need the mostly false ego lift given by reading comments. I am learning that my fundamental way of viewing life is not aligned with the views of so many others. Having said that I would still like to keep a record of my creativity and I also continue to enjoy reading about others work and relevant experiences. CherrieI like how you are going along with your slow way of life. It truly is beneficial for your children to have such a secure base in their lives. Cherrie

  6. Hello Gina, I enjoy reading your blog from time to time and very much relate to what you are saying about where blogging fits in the scheme of life and relationships. I tend to have blog lulls and ebbs and for a while I wondered if it was worth the effort but I'm quite glad for the connections with nice people that I have made though this strange virtual social space. I hope you don't stop blogging but slowing down when we need to is certainly important - blogland is not going anywhere, it's always there to come back to!

  7. So good to see a post from you Gina, I know I will miss your posts if you stop altogether but I can totally understand where you're coming from.

    I took a break from blogging before blogtoberfest & while there was relief at first a week hadn't passed before I was itching to get back to it, but I think that is more to do with the fact that I DO use is so much to connect with others since I don't have a network of my own here; if you don't miss it, don't fret, just go with the (slow) flow & enjoy. xx

    Oh, and I've taken to (since yesterday) leaving word verification definitions when I comment, which may or may not amuse you, here's yours:

    Comatie: First coined in 1871 when a starving artist was hit by a bus while crossing the road, comatie refers to the persistent unconscious state of a creative person after trauma or injury.

  8. I've really only started to read your blog - and have been wondering where you've been since 'angry spoons'. It's good to see you post again and to know that you are alright. I think blogging can end up being 'work' and if it gets to that stage, I think it may well be time to call it a day. After all, a blog is (when it first started anyway) and web log - a journal of sorts for the person writing it, not for everyone else. I've started by looking at mine as such - a journal chronicling the life and times of our family - a place where I can put those digital photos I've taken (and never print out anyway) so in years to come I can look back and discover where we've been.

  9. You've got a sweetie there!

    I feel a bit selfish doing blog posts when I don't have the time or inclination to read and comment on other blogs. I tried to do Blogtoberfest, but I've lost my blog "voice". It's been too hard trying to force posts out of my not very creative month, and I've got too much other stuff going on that isn't bloggable.

    I'm glad your life is full and happy, and that your relationships are well-fed. I'm going to read the idle parenting thing you linked to. I seem to have lost nearly all my idle parenting hours now that I'm working three days a week and have Jack's speech therapy and whatnot on the other two weekdays. But we are happy, indeed we are!

  10. Hello, Sweetheart! Lovely to have you pop by!

    (er, says the other absent blogger-type).

  11. It is lovely to see you back here Gina, but I totally get what you're saying. I think when we first start blogging there's this imperative in our minds of 'I must post' and we set up this momentum without even realising it. I'm a big fan of taking things slowly and love it that I'm not the only one! ;) The photos of Susannah are just gorgeous :) Kx

  12. I have a lot to learn from your perspectives and thoughts, Gina - thank you!

  13. whatever works for you love. i enjoy the few crumbs you scatter for us!

    ...and i totally get slow. i'm the master of it. it's challenging in this busy world surrounded by busy people to be true to my slow self, but i do!


  14. What a lot of interesting comments! I enjoyed reading your post and also the thoughts of other bloggers. I feel a bit the same as you in that I wonder about the relevance of blogging in my life at times. Probably the main reason I blog is as a record of our family life and my thoughts, oh and photo's which I love to take and share. I'm hopeless at keeping up with others but I do make an effort once a week to visit my blog friends & say hi. By the way I love Susannah's name, I had wanted to call Rosie, Susannah, but she was really a Rosie instead. And how lovely to see a Dandelion bunny in her sweet arms! Made me smile.Take care and hopefully we'll see you soon xo

  15. Gina I so hear what you are saying. I seem to have entered a new life phase, one of busyness. My kids are older, my career is taking off, I have dreams and goals and plans. But despite all of this I long for a slower pace and a simpler life. I know realise that I had this when my children were small, and I wish I had appreciated it so much more!


  16. More than lovely to hear from you. Gorgeous growing Susannah :)

  17. nice to have a post from you. I love a bit of slow living, which can be hard to practise sometimes.

    in completely off topic lovely friend Ali sent me through this link - I thought you might like it too.

  18. Reading your post is a revelation. The monotasking thing - I need to do that! Before we went away I had a list of doom a mile long, and by the time we got on the plane I was a stressed out bundle of anxiety. Lists do that to me. I should just stop with the lists.

    Susannah is the cutest wee thing!


“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
~Albert Einstein