Monday, November 9, 2009

Lunch to go...

Ahhhh. Nothing I like better for lunch on a warm day than a cold glass of water and a salad sandwich. Especially one that's been prepared earlier by a witty, creative, slightly daft and ridiculously clever friend.

If you think this looks good over at Myrtle & Eunice, you should see it in real life. The stitching is perfect. My boys have been play-munching for the last few days. Even the husband has been salivating. But this one is all MINE.


  1. That is so fabulous! I saw it on Tania's site... was it last week? Anyway, it's fan-tas-tic! Enjoy your feast :) K

  2. Lucky you! Isn't that Tania just the cleverest kitten around!

  3. Blush. Especially the slightly daft bit. I like slightly daft.

    Gotta love the play munching. Beats real woolly felt munching.

  4. I ADORE felt food. It's so funny and cute and impresses everyone.

  5. Not only gorgeous, but good food for the waistline! Not to mention the food bill if you can keep your boys munching on this one!


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