Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What should I make?

In ten days, my little Pudding turns one.
Like so many things in my long-suffering little Pudding's life, his birthday is a bit of an afterthought to me. This has nothing to do with a lack of love on my part - I adore him beyond words - and everything to do with the fact that he's my Number Two Child. Yes, my firstborn probably takes up more than his fair share of the energy and attention, but it's also due to the fact that I've relaxed, I've backed off, I've observed more and interfered less, I've let my no.2 just BE a bit more. He doesn't need stuff, he needs love.
My precious fly-under-the-radar, tender-hearted, sweet-natured, little chappy is quite used to his lot. And even though he is expecting nothing; even though he has all he could need or want (in hand-me-down clothes and toys); even though I'm keen to avoid accumulating stuff we don't need - of course I want to mark his birthday with a gift. Something just for him.
But I'm short on time. And I'm committed to handmade.
What, oh what can I make?


  1. What does he like to play with? It's hard when they are one because they are still at an exploring stage and aren't into the imaginative stuff. I've made so many costumes and toys over the years but it's all been when the kids were older.

    Does he have a favourite toy like a car or something? Could you make a soft version?

    Is he walking? if he's still crawling maybe you could make him a cubby or something that he can crawl into that's small enough just for him?

    I know! Why don't you make him a velcro board. You could make quilted shapes like trees and animals, maybe a farm? and he could stick them on a board. You could stuff them with different things like plastic bags so they make noise when he squishes them, use fur on some of the animals etc...

    If you don't have the time for that you could simplify it by making a felt board. You could make a felt version of him with all his favourite things like a blanket, toys, cot, brother etc...

    Ok, I better sign off. I am getting quite carried away!! I hope you find the idea you are looking for.

  2. My littlest has exactly the same story and it doesn't get any easier. I never know what to give him for his birthday or Christmas whilst biggest boy seems to be so easy to gift.

    For my littlest boys 2nd birthday I made him a robot softie and matching t-shirt and some matchbox cars all of his very own! He was most pleased :)

    Good luck!

  3. I've made littlies drawstring bags in cute kiddie prints so that they can pack and unpack their favourite toys all day and carry them around the house.
    One is a hard age to make for, but Monster softies in bright colours usually work well too.

  4. New jammie pants-- so easy-- and maybe the Birthday Monster Book from Sandra Boynton and make him a birthday monster softie to go with!

  5. Hmmm... cow and pig print bibs...? Sorry - that's all that's on my mind right now.

    I'm sure he's be happy with cuddles and a cardboard box - but I'm also sure you'll come up with something fantastic. Felted jumper softie, perhaps...?

  6. im not sure why im commenting my brain is a bit sleepy still and no morning coffee yet ; )
    of course a softie of some sort comes to mind, or some finger puppets, a cool sock puppet perhaps - with a book and the puppet gets to read the book!
    im sure whatever you make will be loved x

  7. Cloth book featuring fabulous machine stitching by you & just a few pages of his very favourite things this year. I wish I'd done something like this for my kids. I think it would be a lovely "library" to look back on if you made one each birthday to say 5.

  8. mmm - short on time? Does it have to be a keep sake? If not maybe... make a cool cardboard cubby house and get number 1 to decorate the house?

  9. I love kirsty's suggestion. You can even get that iron on photo paper and put in pics of the family or his favourite places that you print off the computer and then iron onto fabric ($7 for 10 at Officeworks.) Or a little circle drawstring bag with a felt road and some hot wheels cars to zoom on that can go to the boring places. All wlse fails, a big sloppy kiss and cake and also top hand made pressies

  10. You can't go wrong with a crayon roll...that's if he likes drawing. Although given he is only turning one, he may be a bit young (duh, having one of those mornings) but at least he could grow into it!!

  11. Let us know what you decided on! I'll let you know when I'm in your area! Would love to catch up- I am not afraid of small kids, I am not. In fact I am a fairly dedicated babysitter to my friend's kid! Happy Birthday little guy!

  12. I once made a little booklet with pictures of all the family members and dear friends in it, with their names etc. They love going through that and learn to pronounce every name.

    Or you could make a stick (oh my, how am I going to describe this?), covered in soft fabric and blocks (of fabric too) with a hole in them, and maybe numbers or letters on there, or other decorations, so he can shove the blocks on the stick? You don't even have to have a stick, by the way. Blocks with numbers or letters, or animals, on them can be really fun to build with too.

    You could make a 'farm' with cardboard, or even with wood, it only has to be a square of some sort, and then you could make some little creatures for the farm, by felting, or sewing, or knitting, or...

    You could make a little 'bowling game', with softies, by making 6 (or so) cones (that easily fall over, to avoid frustration) and a ball, all in softie form. They love throwing with it and when they get a little bit older, it's still fun to play with..

    Did you see anything you like yet? :-)

  13. I have a cracker of an idea - it works , they love it and you make it. Peta

  14. My little one got a photo album recently, and I've been filling it with pictures of family and people she knows. Before I would let her look at photos, but not take them out of our album and not crease the pages, but this one is hers to do with what she will.

    Two of her favourite people are her grandpa and her uncle, and when she remembers them she likes looking at pictures of them in her little album.

  15. Oh, I'm so late getting around the traps - how about a felt (or felted jumper) animal/s? I have patterns...


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