Monday, September 21, 2009

Putting the 'u' in...


Kirsty's been taking us on a little magical mystery tour of her regular blog haunts and thrown in a game for fun. Have you been playing along?

For me, connecting with other people is vital for survival and meaning. For ten years now, I've been a part of a wonderful church community. Since having kids, I've become entrenched in my geographical community, to the point where my family would rather squish into a flat together and maintain our relationships with the local families, shop owners, services and facilities than dislocate ourselves for the sake of more home space.

And now, the 'blogging community'. Personally, I was cynical that such a thing could exist. Happily, I've been proved wrong.

Where are your communities? Where do you feel at home?


  1. My church community is where I feel most connected. I have so many really wonderful, close friends there, and as we see each other at least once a week it is such a great way to connected - spiritually, emotionally, practically.

    My family is my other community - we see each other often and share common interests - espcially my mum, sisters and sis-in-law.

    I think love is such a strong bond between individuals - be it love of an activity / interest, love of people, love of God - it keeps everyone connected and together in community.

    BTW I love your previous post. You said it so perfectly - I'm definitely very unfashionably interdependent. I feel completely undone if my darling man is away for a day, let alone a week overseas! You brave thing!

  2. A lovely post Gina.

    For me, home is where the heart is x

  3. For me, it's the school community. The weekly after-school market where we do the fruit and veg thing and the involvement of so many families in the running of the school and helping in the classrooms, mean that we are a tight knit group. Not a clue what happens when the kids zip off to high school!

  4. Ah, St Judes - I can see why you'd like to stay close by.

    I love being part of the blog community too. It has helped with the voids after moving house and stopping work. I have met the loveliest people online and in person. Its a friendly, vibrant and generous community that's for sure.

  5. I have my family community and then my favourite crafty community. I've met the most amazingly wonderful people since I started blogging, and catching up for craft sessions. It's changed my life!

  6. I agree with curly pops- the blogging crafting community and fellow crafters in my own community are so important to me... plus the other mums with kids the same age as mine.

  7. Ditto on the bloggy thing. It's taken me out of the isolation I experienced after I had my daughter. Business and baby left no sociable hours for my (mostly childless) friends.... EXCEPT.... for new bloggy friends who are all online after babies are in bed! And oh - they're into craft. Fantastic. I've met so many truly wonderful people....

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Gina. I love being an active member of my local community. Kinder & school & the local strip shopping centre too. I'm so pleased to have stumbled into the blog community too.

    ...sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name...

  9. THe fact that technology can be used to bring people together, not just isolate them is an amazing thing. Who knew!

  10. I just described you elsewhere as quietly unassuming. And it is so true. You just do what you do and say what you think so freely. It is refreshing to read. Your words make me think... and I like it.

    I feel most at home at home. It is my safe place, my sanctuary, and it is shared with the loves of my life.

  11. my church too. we just became members after 3.5 yrs, having moved to geelong 4.5 yrs ago. it is good to have somewhere to call 'home' again :)

  12. I have just discovered your blog through Loz and Dinny.
    Another one here who loves her Church community, they are my family here in Sydney.
    I also love my Monday Craft girls.


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