Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A stab of brooches?

After poking my nose around a few peoples' collections last week, I was wondering whether I could be considered a collector of anything.

I aspire to be a collector of tea-cups, and indeed have two beautiful, quirky, tasteful sets of cups given to me by one of my dearest friends (thank you, Melski!). But a tea-cup collection in my view is the sort of thing that needs decades to grow slowly and meaningfully, and given the small flat/limited shelf space/rampaging boy-children, now is NOT the time to augment it.

I do, however, have a new-found passion for brooches, it seems. And I'm not sure whether there is an particular number at which a smattering of brooches turns into a collection worthy of its own collective noun - but I've decided that 8 is a jolly good start!

More to the point, I can see myself collecting brooches in an ongoing manner. Yes, my Beloved, if you are reading this - I DO plan to add to the brooch collection. You see, brooches are the perfect accessory for me. I've never really pulled off the bejewelled look, and tend to get earrings, rings and necklaces snagged on things. And people.

But brooches - well, they're miniature works of art. They can incorporate such a huge variety of materials and span a wide range of styles. They're small, easy to store, functional (Pin that scarf! Poke that intruder's eye out!). I. LOVE. BROOCHES.

Clockwise from top left:

1. The Curlypops brooch - sooo hot right now! I love the detail and professionalism in this gorgeous pop of colour, and it brightens my day when I wear it.

2. A cute mingus designs birdie from Meet Me At Mikes - my first brooch a few years back.

3. A classic W-Class Tram brooch from Jennie - check out her cushions!

4. A wearable domino from Meet Me At Mikes (the store is just around the corner from the hospital I gave birth at OK?!)

5. Wooden ampersand (I heart ampersands) from a great shop in Hobart called Love & Clutter. Cool name hey????

6. An AMAZING brooch from Betty Jo Designs. You have no idea how thrilled I was to win a button giveaway at Lino Forest last week - and then to discover in my very generous package this fabulous creation. I LOVE it.

7. Little mousy brooch - another treat-to-self from talented stitcher Rebecca from Edward & Lilly. Tell you what, this one's been through the washer and dryer by accident and still looks perfect.

8. Another fabulous giveaway win, an inimitable Buttonhead Brooch from Sam at Jetta's Nest.

OK, so that's my collection thus far. I'm really hoping to add a few more iconic, bloggy brooches to the mix. I have my eye on one of the lovelies that Sophie of Her Library Adventures makes - she's currently hosting a giveaway, but I'd prefer if you didn't enter because it's mine, MINE...

Oh, and heads up, Kylie of 3Sheets - if you don't open a shop soon I'm coming to steal a brooch from you!

So...I don't suppose you make brooches, do you?

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  1. You'd probably be in shock, but I don't have any brooches. I even never ever have worn brooches. Ever. Why? To be honest, especially after seeing there pretties, I don't know. I don't wear any other jewelry these years, with little hands pulling at earrings and little heads rubbing against necklaces. I rather let them pull on or rub against soft skin :-) But a brooch, that could be an idea.... !

  2. I adore your brooches Gina and I must say now you have mentioned it I seem to have quite a few too I have vintage ones that were nan's and mum's and have never bought any until I discovered Sophie's some time ago and now I have bought five of hers.....or is it six??? you HAVE to pop over there and buy some they are gorgeous

  3. I was reading your post and forgot you had a buttonhead so it was a real surprise to see one in your collection!

    I love brooches too. They're a little bit addictive. I've got a sweet little edward and lilly mouse too.

    Oh, to answer your question....yep, I make brooches...brand new Old School Series out now and Gallery Series coming soon :)

    I've been thinking of adding a Lino Forest brooch to my collection!

  4. What a cute collection you have there. I think you can definately be safe in calling yourself a collector of brooches. It's amazing how a brooch can change the look of an outfit, with minimal risk of snagging!

  5. OMG we both did a brooch post on the same night. How bizarre is that?! I notice your brooch taste is similar to mine....... We have the same favourite designers who just happen to be lovely people as well.

  6. Hee hee that's so funny - after reading Annmarie's brooch post last night, I was going to do one too, and then thismorning you have one as well! I'll have to do one tomorrow.
    I'm a little bit addicted to brooches too. I wear one every day, and try to always match them to my outfit.
    You have a fabulous collection!

  7. As the old saying goes...'One is pretty, two is nicer and three is a collection'.
    Any more is definitely an addiction!!!!!!

  8. I love that little collection that you have. I too am not a jewellery wearer. though i do admire the work that goes into making of them thanks for sharing.

  9. its funny, i am the opposite with jewelry - i am a necklace / earings girl. i have brooches, but never seem to wear them. i even have this amazing embroidered tree that my grandmother made years ago. it is incredibly pretty, but i think i have only ever worn it once.

    so, no, i don't make brooches, but i have a friend who does. lovely fabric ones. i look at them with awe, but i know i will never get around to wearing them, so so far, i only have one of hers...

  10. Oh Gina - you do make me laugh! Thanks for the mention. If yours is a brooch collection, then I'm afraid I have a brooch continent! or maybe a brooch UNIVERSE! But it's never enough!
    Would you do me a favour please? Can you click on my brooch Flickr set in the sidebar of my blog and select your favourite brooch, email me your address and I'll send it to you. No swap, no guilts... just a pure and simple gift because you are such a gift in my life!! :) Go on - do it!! Kylie x

    p.s. there's a blue one and a green one that have already gone, I'm sorry, but the rest are yours for the selecting :)

  11. Gorgeous brooches! I have a brooch collection too and have been adding to it since the Uni days. So there are some cheap, some expensive, some handmade and some vintage brooches in there... but I still need more...

    How exciting that Kylie will send you a brooch too, I have been wearing mine everywhere. Can't wait to see which one you choose! :)

  12. I was genuinely surprised to see my brooch there, as I don't think of myself as a brooch maker! By the way, do not put your W Class Brooch through the washing machine. Felted felt is not a good look.

    Loving the wooden ambersand.

  13. I started collecting brooches when I was about 9, I have quite the odd collection - I stopped (publicly) when I was about 12 (when I felt it was no longer cool) and then re-started when I was 14 (when it again cool 'in an odd way' to trawl through Op' shops - in my mind anyway). I do like your collection though - very nice indeed. They are a great 'garnish' to most things I think. Peta

  14. Oh well I may be able to help with your collection....

  15. I'm a brooch maker, brooch lover. I don't go anywhere without a brooch anymore, they are that little bit of fun that brighten up a jacket, bring a smile to a wintery day! But dangerous, yes, especially if you pin them through your (new) shirt and forget, try to pull off your jacket, find it stuck, then PULLLLLLL too hard and rip said shirt. Bugger!

  16. You should have a look at Lea Stein's brooches. She's a Parisian designer. If you're going to collect, you'll want one of hers someday. I have a cat that was given to me as a gift and it's just gorgeous. Do a Google search on her and you'll get the idea.


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