Friday, August 7, 2009

We have winners!

Thanks y'all for entering my birthday giveaway. I really enjoyed getting so many responses, it was so interesting to read your 'soapbox' thoughts and find out what goes on in those creative brains! There were a mixture of hot topics - funny, poignant, thought-provoking, angry. I'll be revisiting a few of them.

Anyway, we have winners! Four winners in fact... I was quite overcome with the number of entries (40) and decided I had enough loot for 4 peeps instead of 3. I decided to try the old 'scrawl-on-paper-and-draw-out-of-bowl' method of picking winners, which produced THIS:

So here are the winners - and I thought I'd share their moment on the 'soapbox' with you all too.

1. Melanie (M*) - you were drawn out first so you get dibs on the Mixtape subscription.

I'd like to see Ang Suu Kyi freed, Mugabe gone, peace in Israel/Palestine, Tibet free, Shirin Ebadi's free Iran, female oppression and circumcision a thing of the past, poverty eradicated,world wide united front on climate change, Obama to make a serious difference, more people leaving their cars at home, religious tolerance, racial tolerance, bugger it - more tolerance overall, more compassion, more equality and the couch grass in my garden die off so that maintaining my vegie patch is no longer a depressing lost cause.

2. Becclebee (Marjoryjane) wins the KeepCup, vintage serviettes and some fabric.

So many people seem to live thoughtless lives. they just do whatever, without a thought about the impacts their actions make on the world around them. this goes to so many of the issues - throwaway fashion / excess packaging / endless consumerism / i could go on and on and on. that is why i think sometime for reflection is really important - thinking about you life and the choices you make and the importance of trying to live a thoughful life.

3. Clairebee (Bear Among Bees) gets the brooch, scarf and fabric envelopes. (Clearly it's all about having 'bee' on the end of your name!)

I've been getting on my soapbox lately about a feeling of societal pressure to spend more hours at work...sometimes in jobs that smother creativity, or perhaps in a job that is enjoyed but at the expense of time with loved ones :sigh

4. Bek (Red Chocolate) wins the vintage sewing patterns and some pretty fabrics from my stash.

I have a soap box in construction about the same issue as Cravings Frocks. I am sick of buying clothes that fall apart, the term "disposable fashion" is a good one... but worse than that wondering about the conditions under which my cheapie clothes are made. I don't know that much about it yet, blogland has really opened my eyes to this issue. Is there "Fair trade clothing" like chocolate/tea/coffee?

Thanks guys. Shoot me an email with your addresses :-)


  1. Oh well done lucky ladies - and with some really worthwhile soapboxery to boot...

  2. Woot woot... congrats guys how exciting!! So so jealous right now!! hehe

    xo Steph

  3. eek eek eeek! how very exciting!!! i never win anything.


  4. OMG!! I cannot believe I won! Thank you Gina so much it has made my day. Woooo hooo. thank you thank you thank you! XXXXX

  5. Oh my! I'm so excited! I totally didn't expect to read my name amongst the winners! What a wonderful surprise, thankyou so much Gina xx

  6. I'd like to point Bek of Red Chocolate towards . It's a UK organisation, but their website gives you an idea of the scope of ethical fashion and ways that designers are making their fashion fair.

  7. Thanks Gina! I will send you an email shortly. You are very kind!

    And thanks Jennie, I will totally check out that link!

  8. Lucky, lucky ducks. Great idea for a topic Gina.

  9. What a great idea! I hope you do it again soon :o).

  10. there will be a little something for you at the shop after thursday, I will leave it behind counter with your name on it x


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