Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Round in circles.

Ever get the sense that there's a bit of a theme lying behind everything you're doing?
For me, it's all about the circles this week. They're going around and around in my head...

My new fingerless gloves - upcycled jumper sleeves embellished with layered felt circles. Coffee credits go to this girl who operates out of my favourite haunt, Toby's Estate in Brunswick VIC. I'm trying their new Sustainability blend... right up my alley.

More embroidering of yellow felt discs for my last batch of Swineys. (Ugh. I'm sick of them, and I bet you are too!!)

A wee beanie made from left-over wool, my first completed project on one of my new circular knitting looms... thanks Liesl! Dreaming of the possibilities...

The Aunty Cookie embellishments on my giveaway scarf (which has now become 2 scarflets, another story entirely but a vast improvement in my opinion, especially as I get to keep one!!)
Yep, I'm beginning to feel a wee bit dizzy...


  1. Everybody loves a Swiney!
    I really do hope that you're not too sick of making them...hee hee

  2. HOW IN HIGH HEAVEN HAVE YOU MANAGED TO DO ALL THIS? Have you smuggled yourself off to Sewjourn on the quiet or something? Seriously impressed and coveting those warm glovellies...

  3. At least if you are going in circles, you know where you're going!!!

    Your fingerless gloves are FANTASTIC! Great idea to use a jumper and the felt circles are perfect.

  4. You haven't been going round in circles at all. At least not the kind of circles I know.....Mummy circles :). Love your fingerless gloves. I also think there is much more scope for swineys. Maybe they'll disappear in spring time.

  5. Love your fingerless gloves - what a fabulous idea!!! I'm a bit partial to circles myself so keep them coming! I really love that scarf too - the Aunty Cookie fabric on it is just perfect! I have no idea how you have made all of this so quickly - you are amazing! Kylie x

  6. I love the beanie (yes, yarn obsessed for now), and would like a closer look at it and the looms next time I'm in the vicinity!!

    You know swineys will become a collector's item once you stop making them!

  7. My you have been busy! My Jems has a deep love for circles. She draws them everywhere (bed linen, her legs etc).

    I love the gloves too. I am about to start crocheting some actually. Must be cold or something.

  8. What lovely things! The gloves are just gorgeous hope you don't mind if I take some inspiration from them? Well OK what I actualyl mean is if I totally nick your idea of using the jumper sleeves! And as for whether loom knitting is knitting in it's own right? By the looks of that beanie it most ctainly is - it looks gorgeous. x

  9. What's next? Squares? Triangles? Could be fun too ;-)

    The gloves look wonderful. And what a smart idea to use sleeves for them!

    x Karin

  10. I'm not sick of my swiney.... it always makes me smile. Hope the kiddies - and the Mummy and Daddy - are feeling better now.

  11. the gloves are gorgeous!x x

  12. Hey, you've been busy!! Love the circles, the beanie, and the new fancy layout!

  13. Whew, you're a machine - look at all that stuff. I think your beanie is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to be able to make a hat that looks that good!


“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
~Albert Einstein