Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Craft crush: more blog loot!

Like many of you, I'm an arduous supporter of handmade goods, to the point where my Beloved wonders whether I'm attempting to support handmade singlehandedly.

Admittedly, my swag of handmade loot may have increased ever so slightly since starting to blog. Well, gosh darn it, you all make such purdy thangs! And now, having taken the handmade pledge, I do feel that I require a bit of a gift stash for the times I can't or won't make something myself. (What do you mean... of course they're for other people. Well, maybe. Eventually. OK, I'm lying).

So, here's a bit of a loot list, some from recent times, some from a while ago, all stuff that comes from crafty bloggers whom I read regularly. I've been saving them up for a mention. Or hiding them away from the Beloved. You choose.

WON: Alice in Wonderland Sunnyboy bag and Bloomin' Buttonhead Brooch from Jetta's Nest -
A fabulous haul - sorry about the photo Samantha! As well as the brooch and sunnyboy (which has gorgeous lining) Samantha included a great set of cards with her original artwork on them - thank you, they're really delightful. Jetta's Nest goodness available here.
When I saw that TinnieGirl is moving on to other artistic endeavours, I decided I wanted to experience a bit of bloggy history and get myself a Tinnie quick smart. I chose the beautiful vintage tin above, which is now home to favourite postcards and paper goods. The inside was chock-full of vintage goodness - fat quarters, buttons and notions - which Cathy chose for me:
I have various projects a-brewin' with these gorgeous items.
BOUGHT: A vintage doilie needlecase from Selina's Vintage:
My other needle-storage methods just weren't cutting it, and this little needlecase won my heart, it's so beautiful Selina. P.S. Selina's closing down her Ebay store and there's a lot of funky chenille for the taking if you're in the market for it...
BOUGHT: a bunny and a brooch from Edward and Lilly -
I've long admired the sweet stitches of Rebecca, and these items fill me with joy every time I look at them. I'm wearing the brooch today. Thanks to Rebecca's work I'm now an embroidery fan... I hadn't really thought much of it until I came across her stuff, but now I'm obsessed! These pics are from her etsy shop - can you resist?
Finally (for this post, anyway)...
A GIFT: this brown paper package tied up with string from Raglan Guld -

The exceedingly generous Leonie sent me this package which arrived yesterday - contents to be revealed tomorrow in my Creative Space. Leonie, the brains and beauty behind these gorgeous pants, gave me this gift to encourage me in my refashioning efforts. Encouraged I am!! Thanks so much, Leonie. Go check out the Raglan Guld store here.


  1. Shucks!!!! I cant wait for tomorrow!! I love brown paper and twine, It never dates and will be a stable forever!

  2. Fabulous loot, Gina! You've done very well :) I have my own hidden stash of goodies too - you're right, it's too hard to resist sometimes! Can't wait to see your creative space tomorrow! K

  3. brown paper parcels are the best kind. i love all your excuses for buying, i'll have to save them up for emergencies ;o)

  4. Thanks for your kind words, so nice to be up there with the very talented Sam too. We have similar loot - my tinnie had the same piece of fabric in it and I have one of Selina's needle books :)

  5. Hi Gina, I'm so glad you like your little prize :)

    I hope I'm not too late to get a tinne...I've been wanting one for ages....must run now and see if I can still get one....

    Oh, and I'm very jealous of your gorgeous edward and lilly brooch.....I've been thinking about a sweet little black one for myself :)

  6. You're doing a great job with your handmade pledge. So many lovely things.

    Glad you liked your Tinnie.

    I love all the gorgeous things you've been making and posting about too. The scrabble brooches, the refashioning and of course the molecular embroidery. All great.

  7. Ofcourse you have to collect all these wonderful things. What if something bad would happen, and everything all these wonderful persons made would disappear, then at least you would have proof that there were some beautiful things going on in this era ;-)

    Well, on the other hand, I would have proof too, being just as much a collector as you are. And I guess many other bloggers too. Never mind, the thought good, eh?

    Love the needlecase, by the way!

  8. handmade goodies are amazing :) and what an amazing haul!

  9. There is soooo much handmade goodness out there isn't there?!! Thanks for sharing some lovely things. xx


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