Sunday, April 26, 2009

Five favourites - online craft hubs

Edit: Take heed. Too much time on the web yields disasterous results. Whilst writing this post, my toddler decided to stage a rather messy protest by doing some 'freestyle defecating'. If you know of a nice environmentally friendly method of removing faeces from an upholstered chair, please share it with me!!

This one goes out to my pal Anna*, who I'm sure needs no extra help in frittering away time on the big bad Interweb, or finding MORE craft projects to start. But in the interests of streamlining searching time online, here are five favourite sites for finding craft inspiration, projects and tutorials. In no particular order. (BTW the image is irrelevant, but plain text looked so boring!)

1. Crafting A Green World: New to me this year, and given my desire to 'green' my crafting habits, a wonderful site with a diverse range of articles on a whole range of crafting ideas and materials.

2. Sew Mama Sew (the blog) : I've spent a lot of time here, given my preference for sewing-related crafts. Great for reviews, contests, and stacks of ideas and tutorials, especially in the lead-up to Christmas. And of course way too much pretty fabric!

3. Whip Up: A great site which aims to centralise what's happening in the world of handcrafts on the web. You can get feeds or a weekly email newsletter. They do a great weekly round-up

4. One Pretty Thing: Same general aims as WhipUp, but posting twice daily - a Daily DIY project in the morning and a round-up of crafty happenings in the blogosphere in the evening.

5. Living Creatively: An Australian 'online community dedicated to creativity'. Basically an online magazine. It has great feature articles, a fun projects page, and runs monthly competitions (which I'm yet to attempt to enter!). I think the only bummer about this site is that unlike the others, you don't receive updates via feeds, rather they send an email newsletter. Which just means I visit it less often.

So there you go. Phew. Happy 'research', Anna!

*Or 'Rival Anna', depending on which Anna is reading!


  1. Ta muchly :) Have added to my feed favourites but have also resolved to only check feeds once a day hopefully meaning less time on web & more time for projects....we'll see! Also am pledging (!) to have cardi finished by the end of May. There. Now I have to do it!

  2. Oh I have a cat that barfs and normally I would trade but thanks. I would go to a professional with that one! (after googling of course)

  3. Boy, I'm glad it's not my son who did that....oh, wait..... :(

  4. you are a clever lady miss gina,
    love the little apron/dress in the last post..
    I attempted to make an adults version todaY but twas rather unsuccessful ! m

  5. Nice list. Thanks for reminding me to check on them a bit more often. Its been ages!! Sorry, no help on the poo front. Sounds serious. Just soap and water (and a sprinkling of bicarb) seems to do the trick for most stinky things round here, but can't guarantee it 100%. Point taken on the pregnant woman riding with two kids in the bike. Might take a ride on the weekend and see just how bad it is round here!!

  6. uh oh...we just get poo on the floor! I change 2 bums one after the other and there are always some fly away bits i need to mop up with a wet one!

    with my brownies....all care taken but no responsibility for the amount you eat! I carry all my weight in my thighs so am sure a high proportion is due to chocolate!

    happy baking!!!!!!!!!!! maya is my fave too!

  7. Your phrase 'freestyle defecating' has made me laugh A LOT!!! Must remember to use it next time my little one does something similar! x


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