Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Can't blog. Knitting.

Can't blog... can't take photos... can't finish sewing projects... can't cook decent meals... can't pay attention to the kids...

Must. Knit.

Oh yes, I've been whacked with knit-fever. I know, I'm so five years ago. Apparently the whole world has been on ravelry forever. And yes, I've read about this around the craft blog traps, but have always had my sewing, baking, home-making blinkers on and have largely avoided all yarn-speak.

Now the filters have changed. It was my birthday on the weekend, and to celebrate I was granted a boy-free day. I spent the morning at the Craft & Quilt Fair, walking disinterestedly past stalls of fabric and sewing tools and making a beeline for anything smelling vaguely of lanolin. I barely glanced at the spectacular quilts on display, yet I chatted at length to the lovely women at the handknitters' guild table. Not quite sated, I then spent the afternoon in Morris & Sons stocking up on needles.

Meanwhile the clutterpunk boys, having somehow clued into my new obsession, were off arguing over which knitting books their nutty mother/wife might appreciate for her birthday. Apparently consensus could not be reached:

Interestingly, the children were insistent on the more practical knitting guides, while the husband clearly has more subversive intentions for my newfound passion.

Of course there is no spectacular finished object to show for all my knitty obsession. I have taken the unusual (for me) approach of tackling things appropriate to skill level and not taking shortcuts. I've made washcloth which is lovely but not photogenic. And I've almost finished a two-tone ribbed scarflet for myself. In doing so I've discovered the joy of knitting with beautiful yarn and needles, even with large amounts of ripping out and re-knitting involved.

(Note to self, work on joggless joining!)

I have also been coming to terms with the infuriating aspects of knitting. For example, the beautiful yarn that looks perfect for a little girl's vest but feels like knitting with chalk:

And the three attempts to obtain correct gauge with said yarn before giving up and finding a different yarn...
which happens to be a hank... 
which happens to get in a terrible tangle... 
which requires a long-suffering husband and a frustrating hour to get sorted out...

Nonetheless, I'm all in. Knitting, I know its going to be a lifelong affair. 

Although I suspect that life may be shortened somewhat by a tragic knitting-needle-related 'accident' if I continue to infuriate my family with the refrain "just let me finish this row".


  1. That was soooo funny!! OMG the look on your husband's face is priceless!!!

  2. Hehee. Your tension looks great side on. You must show us your finished projects even if they are little. It brings us of the hopeless knitting variety much joy to see that it can be done. To save your marriage you either need to invest in a yarn winder or do the other old fashioned way (which is also very healthy for you) - drape the skein over the backs of two dining chairs which are sitting back to each other. Tighten by pulling chairs apart a little if neceassary and commence to wind by walking around and around. You can spend your time yelling instructions to the kids about tidying up their rooms or you can spend it daydreaming about anything you want. Cherrie

  3. Your knitting looks great. Yes it is a bit of a guess which yarns to use unless you can actually touch them to see if they are itchy or not. Maybe you need to invest in a ball winder and skein holder if your desire for knitting keeps up instead of making your husband suffer (I did this for years to mine) as it is much easier.

  4. Love that last pic.He does look impressed.I also say let me finish this row and I am like you I chopand change my obsessions often.Have been doing a lot of knitting this year tho.

  5. 1.Totally with you.

    2. Warning to you and your family: it's hard to finish the row when you start knitting in the round.

    3.I tried to comment on your last knitty blog post, but Blogger wasn't playing nice. It was a "welcome to the club" thing...)

  6. I can't believe I've been pipped at the post. I SO had your birthday sorted. Now what am I going to do with that extra copy of Yarnbombing????

    So looking forward to having a Knitting Conversation with you. You know, one where you don't eyeroll and stuff.

    Happy birthday lovely Chook. xx

  7. Love the pic of husband - looks like a hostage to craft obsession!
    I'm flowerpress on ravelry if you want another friend :-)

  8. Knitting mojo comes and goes - I'm a bit like you at the moment and can't find enough time in the day to knit!

    And that photo of your husband is priceless!!

  9. I could apply this to crochet :) I only learnt it this year but am so addicted.

  10. Just like me here... My list is getting longer... I am tempted to soon knit myself a cardigan... for next winter...

  11. fab, love the yarn and the picture of the the Mr

  12. ha ha ha, you are going through exactly what i was going through about a year ago! except i still dont' remember to slip a stitch at the start of every row - you are good!
    happy birthday by the way! i wish my partner would get the hint when i was on to a new craft - well i think he actually does, but looks the other way....

  13. Morris and Sons is a dangerous place... I will just email you my address now! x

  14. I have always been a fabric kind of gal, wishing to knit or crochet, but right now, I am discovering patchwork quilting and knowing what all the fuss is about! But oh, no, I am starting crochet lessons on Saturday....

    (Gawd help me!)

  15. On I am so with you!!!
    I was a fabric girl. I would knit the occasional scarf - too scared to try anything harder. Then one day it clicked and away I went. Finding beautiful yarn to knit with and patterns that work have been incredible. I hardly have time to blog because I'm so busy trawling Ravelry. I'm obsessed.I am smitten and I am going to get a swift and ball winder - because yes, those hanks or skeins are no fun at all!!!

  16. Lovely Gina, you and knitting were always going to be friends, fast friends. You are one of those wonderful art crafty types that could make ANYTHING look fabulous and easy.
    I can knit up...I can knit down, but there are only so many squares and scarves a person needs.
    ps. Am currently contemplating hacking up the kids doona covers to pretty them up and patchwork em' :-)

  17. bahahaha love the last shot of the long suffering husband. gold!

  18. Oh I really DO want to learn how to knit. It's not on my list of things to do in 2011... and really I have enough on my plate just now with projects half finished all about... oh I just have to be patient and wait for the winter of 2012... and then I'll be swinging back here to show my beloved what a supportive knitting partner looks like.

  19. Ooooppss... and belated happy birthday wishes to you too :)


“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
~Albert Einstein