Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7 things that will fascinate your socks off.

In the last week, Sonia from a Light Shade of Green and LJ from With My Own Two Hands have told me seven interesting things about themselves, and in the process passed on the Sunshine Award to me. 

I'm such a sticky beak. I love reading about the details of other bloggers' everyday lives, whether they are fascinating, embarrassing, thought-provoking or down-right mundane. Blog awards drive me a bit barmy, but I do like the ones that afford the writer an opportunity to reveal something new about themselves to blog readers. So I'm graciously (if a bit cynically) accepting my award this time and divulging seven (fascinating!) details of my life to youse all:

1. The night that I met my Beloved, Justin, I went home to my flat-mates and declared that I'd met the guy I was going to marry (even though we hadn't so much as exchanged phone numbers). 4 years of long-distance relationship later, I did. I'm definitely a victim of 'love at first sight'.

2. If I still ate M&Ms (which I don't, sadly, given that they are not Fairtrade, although I may occasionally indulge when they are offered as I hate to see wasteage!), I would eat them in strict colour order. Brown-Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue. I really, REALLY wish they'd brought out purple M&Ms. It would complete me.

3. I'm a Jesus nerd. After some soul-searching in my early 20s, I decided that I  believed in the historical person of Jesus, and found the evidence for his resurrection compelling, so I chucked my lot in with the Bible Bashers. It's a crazy life... but I'm still 100% sold.

4. My middle name is Clare. No 'i'. One 'e'. Get it RIGHT, electoral roll!

5. In past employed lives, I have been an orchestral musician (cello), an administrative assistant, a pastoral worker, a librarian assistant and an editor. I think the last one is the best fit. Meanwhile, I find mothering a hard-enough occupation and will probably leave thinking about other stuff until I'm at least 40, thank you very much!

6. I'm still not sure, given my history of PND, and my desire to live a sustainable life, that I should have any more kids. But I feel like our family isn't yet complete. It's complicated. 

7. Until 2.5 years ago, I thought craft was for repressed losers. 

OK, so now I'm passing the baton to 7 more blogs, some of my regular reads. Don't feel like you have to join in, but at least I would love to know even more about you guys... 


  1. Oh - I'm a second-name-Claire-with-an-i girl. Fancy that.

  2. No Clare/Claire anywhere, but I did exactly the same thing with the father of my children bizzo: pronouncing to flatmate that drunken man who stared past my right ear was the one for me...

  3. In our house #1 was the other way around.

  4. You make me chuckle. I like that. Thanks.

  5. I'm still laughing about the crafty repressed losers gang! Thanks Gina - you've made my night :) Kx

  6. Now I know why I like you so much Ms Clutterpunk ... I have a cello secreted away at home :)

  7. If I had have know you don't like blog awards....ha ha.

    I am very similar to you. The night I met my husband, I knew. I called my sister the next day and told her I met the man I would marry. 4 days later he told me he loved me - before getting on a plane and flying to the other side of the world. After living the long distance thing for a while...I moved to South Africa!! 10 years later, married happily with baby #3 on the way. Totally believe in love at first sight!!

    Love finding out more about you!!! You do have a great sense of humour and I just love your blog!! Keep up the brilliant work!

  8. It's nice to get to know you a little better!
    Andi x

  9. Brilliant. Loved getting to know you better. no. 7 is particularly amusing! Thanks for sharing!

  10. "repressed losers" - classic! Thanks for sharing. Nic

  11. yes, apparently in our house number 1 was the other way around too- although it took chef a YEAR to tell me of his intentions and he waited until 4 days before he moved 500kms away to tell me... and so a year of long distance began.

    i cackled over the m&m's I love peoples little things like that!!
    Repressed Loser

  12. i knew with my husband too - i know it seems kind of corny, but he was like the other bit of the jigsaw. and it wasn't because we have so much in common - in fact we are polar opposites - maybe that's why it works.
    i was umming and ahhing about having two children and then louis came along by accident and i now i know that my family is complete (i hope!!!! to be honest all three were accidents)
    thanks for sharing with us - it's nice to find out more about you.
    oh and by the way, i used to equate craft with teddy bears and lace - boy was i wrong!!!!

  13. I was reading this and thinking it's been ages since I've done something similar. Lo and behold! :-D

  14. Ah you made me smile reading that. They are all lovely things to know about you. I love that M&M's have a ranking order. I'm not so many other people would like to know any more of my waffle, but I'm honoured you do!

  15. Still proud to have caused no 1! Can I write that in my responses? Hmmm... give me a while!

  16. You know what? I've been thinking along similar lines about having another bub. I doubt very much we'll have another but I like the idea of a whole bunch of us making lots of noise in the house. Unlikely, but it was interesting to read #6.

  17. So Number 7? [Insert evil laughter here....and yes, I am claiming some responsibility!]

    And thank you. Now all I need to do is come up with 7 interesting things about me...hmmm ;-)

  18. Oh dear, I think I fit into the repressed loser category too...whoops!

  19. My socks were off to begin with, but I did enjoy this... especially as I too have a little bit of a lolly-colour obsession :)

  20. Great to hear some more things about you. Just been having a catch up after a couple of weeks away from the computer. Very interesting to read your post about food - I go through stages of planning and not planning meals and just seem to go with the flow most times. Our waste has certainly decreased by me actively inventing dishes to use up leftovers - like your idea of stock at the end of the week. Spectacular photo of "boy with flour"!!! x

  21. I like this slowing on your blog as it suits my slow-commenting! I've been meaning to get back & comment on this post (for ages obviously).

    Your no. 6 rang true for me, while I didn't have the PND element I did feel environmentally that 3 kids might be pushing it. Little did we know that while we were having the "another one?" discussion it had already been decided. I wouldn't have it any other way now but I do occasionally feel pangs of 'sustainability guilt', or rather angst at the way the world seems to be heading & the fact I have three children facing an unknown future.

    As for No. 7.....I still get a chuckle from that, perhaps your PND journey ( & the suggestion to take up some craft)was so that you could discover the joy of the repressed loser!

  22. Ha-
    Gina, you must have written this when my computer wasn't working and I never caught up and wow- I get a mention, passing of the baton, and like you, I am not that into the blogger award thingo but am keen to have a think about what to say. Thanks :)
    And, wow about love at first sight- I knicked off to Europe for 4 months to 'think and decide' about marrying Cam!


“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
~Albert Einstein