Monday, March 1, 2010

Just a minute... in February (ish)

I'm sorry Jenaveve, if you're still out there reading. I just can't move on from this meme. It's always provided the best opportunity to clear my head.

Celebrating... the launch (today!) of the book I co-edited, a centenary history of the theological college where I spent some years studying, 'back in the day'. It was such a great project to work on, and I hope more editing opportunities present themselves in the future. But I'm not going to go out looking for them... I have too much sewing to do!

Sewing... Aprons, the green quilt top (now fully pieced), and some applique/thread-sketchery on tea towels for the great Tea Towel Swap-o-rama!

Reading (in hardcopy)... various books to help me sort out my sustainable ethical family-friendly grocery shopping priorities. I'll save the details for another post, but I'm gaining clarity and have a plan of attack!

Reading online... these newish blogs:

Light Shade of Green: Sonia is on about lots of things close to my heart sustainability-wise, and she articulates them so well. I've been enjoying reading back through her posts.

Apron Strings: 'Calamity Jane' is a self-professed cow-girl, renegade and cookie baker who is reclaiming housewifery! I've found her posts provocative, amusing, sometimes a little close to the bone. She's currently got me thinking about radical homemaking and feminism...

Running... like a trouper. Yes, yet another blogger outs herself as a running junkie. The year before I first got pregnant, I got the running bug and was a frequent (short-distance) pavement-pounder. In November last year, after a 3-and-a-half-year hiatus, it was finally the right time to get back out there. I started getting out three times a week, mostly walking but adding in spurts of jogging (I like to call this combination 'woggling'). I've continued building up gradually, getting out no more than three times a week, often less depending on how the family is situation.

Yesterday, I ran 15km. The longest I've ever run in one burst. For me, Ms Stumpy-legged 'No Good At Sport' girl, a big achievement. I'm still on a high.

Obessessing over...
Coffee and coffee sacks. I have both in my possession :-)

Thinking... that I'm going to try posting more frequently in March, because I have so much that I wish to document and process and workshop and all that, and 2-3 posts a week isn't enough right now. But don't feel obligated to read :-)

What has your February been full of? What does March hold?


  1. Nice post and always interesting to learn more about you and what you do (ie.the book). Love the coffee sacks too - so many possibilities! Nic

  2. 15 kilometres? WOMAN! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! I can't manage more than 4 without my hips burning. Wowza.

  3. hmmm, 15km, you go girl!!

    yeah, it is such an obligation to pop over & read about your adventures..geee, such a chore...

    love your minute in february and looking forward to more Gina.

  4. interesting... I do the same thing, but I call it a "Jalk"

  5. 15km is an amazing feat... I can't seem to catch that running bug as much as I might try.

  6. Congratulations on finishing your editing project. You must have been going like the clappers to do all that work done with your Mr away and looking after the smalls too. Nice work! (Ridley girl, eh? I lived at the round one down the road).

  7. I love how your quilt is coming together. I don't envy your running, but I am very impressed by it.

    Feb for us was mostly tinkering around the house and finishing up work. March will hold more tinkering around the house and serious preparation for this baby (hopefully choosing a few names for it as well). I got very excited by the delivery of new nappies today, which I'm not sure is sad, or not.

    Congratulations on all your achievements, and of being part of the positivity in my life at the moment. I think we're on an upward swing. :)

  8. As always I'm amazed at how much you get done in a month Gina. The quilt looks fantastic! Minute glimpse of tea towel looking gorgeous and your jogging abilities just fabulous. Reading material looks interesting too. Thanks for sharing all this. I think it's been all about tea towels here ;) Looking forward to some sewing in March :) Kx

  9. I am so, so proud of you- while desperately jealous! (but mostly really proud - 15kms makes you a veritable Roberta de Castella).

    PS. I note with interest that the tea towel glimpse involves green. Again. You are so into green whether you like it or not.


  10. 15kms?! I'm ashamed at the pathetic amount of exercise I've done in the last two years. Okay, time to get my rear end into gear.
    p.s. thanks for the mention...

  11. Congratulations on the book launch!!! BRAVO.
    Good going on the 15km too... weirdo.

  12. holy catfish batman! 15 kms! that's crazy. i'm afraid i would never pull that off, i can't even remember the last time i woggled. love the pear tea towel(?), very nice indeedy

  13. So impressed by the running, and 15kms is an amazing achievement. Good on you.

    It sounds like Feb was a busy and very productive month.

  14. well done on the 15km!!! I'm very impressed.

    Aren’t old coffee sacks wonderful! I’ve used some to cover old cork boards …and am planning to make some doormats.

    I just looked up that Conscious Cook book. It sounds great..

  15. Woggling. lol.

    Congrats on your co-editing success! Must have been an interesting project, especially given you went to Ridley.

    Quilt looks great- seemed to come together quickly!

  16. Well it seems that all your senses (and many of the different aspects of your life) were looked after in February. You sound busy but happy. Great. xxx

  17. Did someone tell you that Feb is the short month! Gee you fitted in a bit there.
    I love the quilt top!
    Can't wait to hear about the plan
    Can't wait to see what the coffee sacks become, I would be a little obsessed too.
    You should be on a high - 15 km Sheesh, hats off to you


“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
~Albert Einstein