Sunday, February 14, 2010

True love at last

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Mundial Serra Sharp™
I love you

Sure, you can be steely
And cutting, and cold
But you’re straight to the point
On a quadruple fold

No fraying or straying
Will you entertain
And you handle my curves
Like a true gentleman

I thought you were merely
A glorified knife
And I doubted your claim
To stay with me for life

But you’ve cut through my bias
I now see perfection
In your fully-forged blades
(or is that my reflection?)

Tell my other shears
I’m all done…
Mundial Serra Sharp™
You’re THE ONE!


  1. Ahahahahaha... You are so in love right now. I bet if anyone were to touch them you would roar like a lioness protecting her cubs...

    xo Steph

  2. Do not under any circumstances let the man of the house near them. Cutting shade cloth will for ever leave them dull and unloved!

  3. hahhaaaa! give them a BIG hug!

  4. The perfect love affair! Fabulous post! And EVERYONE in the house knows not to touch the red handle scissors....EVER!!

  5. True love indeed... Happy valentine's day! x

  6. He he he, I have the same crush but you express it so much better than I ever could!!

  7. I gotta admit, it wasn’t quite the soft and mushy post I was after on Valentine’s Day, just after the Mr returns from two weeks away...

  8. I'm with you on the Serra Sharp love.... just not quite as poetic. I had the same pair for 20-odd years, until they got mixed up with the scissors at Northcote High School (I was doing a guest-tutor gig). They truly are the best.

  9. They are rather lovely aren't they!
    Were a 'returning' home gift from Mr Clutterpunk??

  10. It sounds wonderful. Is it capable of scaring off one's family members from illegal use or able to keep aligned when dropped?!!! Cherrie

  11. The way to a maker's heart is surely through the scissors. These are superb & I loved your Ode.

  12. Oh, love a bit of passion for The Good Scissors!! Love Posie

  13. ahh, i so need a good pair of scissors!

  14. Hi Gina,
    Thanks for your lovely comments at my blog. I'm having a ball rummaging through all your posts! You are a woman of many talents - including poetry?!

  15. Well, who has a helper/playmate back on the scene, hmm? There's lightness and gaiety abounding in your happy home I think :)
    Love the poem. Have fun making. Kx

  16. That's gold! I love a good ode, and especially liked the double meaning of 'cut through my bias'

  17. Lovely poetry.
    Bit worried about your beloved?!?!?

  18. Oh, brill! I am so mushy-poem-ed out! Veddy nice, Gina...

  19. You're getting a bit freaky, my dear... although I think I too rhapsodised over my Mundial knife set, many years ago...

  20. They are great. I've had my pair for years... its only now that they need to be sharpened. I'm not sure I'd write poetry about them

  21. there really is nothing like cutting with good scissors.....except perhaps having someone to watch the smalls so you can use them & wax lyrical about them!

  22. Oh yes I have the same - brilliant pair. Caught my hubby using them to cut paper - I was VERY unimpressed.

  23. Love that the top photo looks like a heart! V. clever.
    Fantastic poem! It's love at first sight... I never knew I needed a pair of these till just now! Ed will thank you ;)

  24. first of all, fantastic pome. i hope you're getting some money out of that deal.
    secondly, remember me from Apron Strings? well, i'm wondering... where are all the punk mamas? i see you punk crafters have quite a thing going. the internet's crawling with you handy, spunky ladies. but howz about mamas of similar persuasion?
    thanks for your advice/direction,
    Lost in Blogland


“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
~Albert Einstein