Thursday, December 17, 2009

2009 retrospective: blog posts that have made me think.

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I have a few more posts in me before I sign off for a couple of weeks over the Christmas-New Year period. There hasn't been much crafty show-and-tell on this here blog recently, but that's ok. The things I have been making, I can't really show you until after the birthday, Christmas and wedding celebrations have passed!

Meanwhile, it's been on my mind a while to mention some of the blog posts which I've found the most striking this past year. The majority of blogs I read fall firmly into the craft/art category. I love to see the creative things people are getting up to, gather inspiration, celebrate achievements, admire techniques or drool over fabrics and notions. But I also love to read a blog post with a bit of meat now and then; a discussion, a reflection, an out-there opinion or personal confession. Such posts often inspire or challenge me in some way, and more than once I've been moved to act or change something.

Here are a few of the posts I've found most thought-provoking in 2009:

M*: 21st century dad
Melanie's wise reflections on being the breadwinner and having a stay-at-home husband gave me great insights into something completely beyond my experience... and reminded me that communication is EVERYTHING.

Raglan Guld: About me
Leonie's honesty in this post (delivered in her usual casual, off-the-cuff humourous style) started a few back and forth emails between us about various issues including PND and alcohol addiction. It was a bit of a wake-up call for me and our conversations prompted me to cut my alcohol consumption to almost zero, which has been a good thing for me and my family. 

Thornberry: Market groupie
Lara's post about craft markets, quality, and why people do or don't make to sell, was a timely one. The post and some of the replies helped me to clarify a few of my own thoughts on the matter... bottom line is, I won't be leaping in to sell craft any time soon!

Consumption Rebellion: What is 'joyful consumption'?
OK, so most of Eilleen's post present food for thought or a challenge of some type. And this is actually a post from 2008 but I read it after starting my blog. It prompted some soul-searching and made me think about how I could challenge my own consumption habits by thinking about what I could gain rather than what I was giving up. My decision to take the Wardrobe Refashion pledge is an example of something that came out of this soul searching...

Foxs Lane: My nest
Kate's candid thoughts about her head-vs-heart struggle in deciding not to have more babies, and the challenges it was presenting to her identity beyond 'mothering', were insightful and challenging for me, particularly as one who does not yet feel that my family is 'complete' (but wonders how I'll ever make that decision, if it's mine to make!)

Are there particular posts that have got you thinking this year? Do share!


  1. Some great reading here, thanks for the links and Merry Christmas x

  2. I arrived at this post about 30 minutes ago and have been off reading all sorts of posts and links and more.

    The thing I got the most out of from reading this post is thinking about how to find the time to really read other people's blogs. There are so many great people out there and I often feel like I'm skimming the surface of the blogs I read. You've really helped me to see that I need to stop and think about what it means to have a quality connection with other blogs and bloggers.

    So I think the answer to your question is this post has been one that has particularly got me thinking this year. Thank you.

  3. Great post G.

    Some of these also struck a chord with me, and the others I'll tootle off to and read now.

    At the very same nanosecond you did this post, I was posting abot a good "blog for thought" - some posts by down to earth about living a simple and deliberate life. Got me thinking.

  4. Good picks - all of those posts made an impact on me too - each in different ways. I must admit that I stuggle with the balance of personal vs creative in the crafting blogland. Each to their own, I guess.

  5. Thank you!!

    Awesome post, although I read most of those posts at the time, I loved the reminder, and hearing what you got from them.

    You've got me thinking about what got me thinking!!! ;)

  6. That was a huge turning point for me and my blog. Until then it was a journal of my crafting life with no real personal stuff at all. I had been agonising over this issue for a bit and when I made the decision to blog it it just spewed out of me. It was cathartic but I had no idea how it would be received. In the end it was such a blessing because all the comments and emails helped me process what was going on and come to terms with the fact that it is ok to be conflicted, that's what makes us sensitive women.
    Those other posts all had a big impact on me too.

  7. Great choices, G. It's a big decision and something of a risk to out the personal, close to the bone stuff. But as Kate said, it can be such a cathartic way to process stuff.

  8. I agree with what others said, I did really love kate and leonies posts and had missed the others. I sometimes struggle with how personal to make my blog...but i appreciate when others share and think they are very brave.
    We are such a supportive little community me thinks....

  9. thanks for posting these! so inspiring... :)

  10. I have really taken a lot from Down to Earth and her ideas on life path. I am also enjoying having a look at some 'unschooling'blogs like soluelmama, this inspired life and the natural parent centre. although my little one is not even close to going to school yet, i appreciate reading about a new perspective on conventional education so that i don't just put him in school because i think there are no other options... we'll see what happens. thanks for all the great links. there is so many inspirational stories out there! xo m.

  11. thanks for the reminder Gina. I have read Leonie & Kate's posts & they did have me in tears & in admiration of how open & honest they were.
    it is hard to put things out there but the response you get definitely is worth the anguish.
    hugs for the new year ♥

  12. Thanks so much for your comemnts on my post about the crafting market at the moment...I'm going to enjoy having a look at your blog!

  13. Great post - good on you for rmembering them - I am inspired and then forget and get reinspired and so on. But you were on the nail with the ones I saw and I will have a look at some of the others...
    Go well.

  14. What a great post Gina - thank you. And can I just say that Douglas is such a fantastic name. Glad someone else understands the terror I felt... :) x

  15. Aww, Thanks Gina, firstly for saying that post was one of your favourites for 2009 and for encouraging me to write it. I still find it difficult to spill on personal stuff, I don't know what it is, perhaps a fear of Oprah? Not that blogging is like an Oprah Winfrey show, it's more the voyeurism side of things that makes me uncomfortable.

    All the same, the comments it generated really hit home for me how many similarities there are in relationships and how if we talked about them more, perhaps problems would look less like problems? It's made me think about writing about a number of other topics too as well as spilling the beans a bit more often but I haven't had the time or headspace at this end of the year. The upside is, there's a lot of fodder in store for 2010.

    Whilst I have your attention, may I have your postal address? I need to pop something in the post to you.

    Thanks again Gina.

  16. Great post Gina - a few of my faves among there too, Kate and Lara's particularly got me thinking, I guess they are both things I have thought about so close to my heart.
    This post ( Kelly at Don't Look Now was one of the most honest and moving things I have read in a blog, and there was the whole "craft as art or just for fun" debate that Cathy ( and a few others touched on a while back, sparked by an article in The Age.
    This got me thinking about the 'heirarchy' of craft, which I had never contemplated before.

  17. I think this was my favorite post of the year:

    I've been more thoughtful about where I shop ever since I read it, and my clothing and decorating shopping at chains/corporations has almost come to a standstill.

  18. A great post and as this year I have been really behind on my blog reading, I'm about to go and read a few of these. You've got me thinking about the posts that have really touched me this year... I'm going to mull over it a bit the next few days.

  19. This is great Gina, I forgot about some of these posts. Will definitely be going back for a bit of a re-visit.

  20. Lovely post - so nice to give such thoughtful feeback on posts. Nice to have found you, and thanks for leading me to Raglan.


“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
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