Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just a minute... in October

Thank goodness for Jenaveve's just a minute meme. Sometimes I get to the end of the month and think 'now where did all that time and energy go?' Good to trawl back through my diary, the blog and my photo stocks to jog the memory.

Mmmm... now that's my cup of tea

Editing... a book, just a wee bit at a time, mostly in the evenings because during the day I'm very busy playing 'tackle time', visiting the zoo and trying to get the mushy weetbix out of my eyebrows.

Thinking... about underwear, my new ethical clothing pledge and what I'm really going to do when the Beloved runs out of decent jocks.

Exploring... thread sketching ideas. I've done a bit more machine fiddling, but mostly I've been surfing the net and oggling at the artistry of many talented people who already employ such techniques in their textile arts. *Sigh*. I feel like I've found something creative that really excites and compels me... and I'm just letting it sink in and develop somewhere in the back of my head for a while.

Meeting... lots of lovely, lovely people, for the first time or again, at the Quilt Project Live! It was such a privilege to be involved, and fun to see my little offering nestled there amongst so many gloriously designed and executed squares. Have a look at the virtual version if you haven't already.
Hand stitching... various bits and pieces when I get a chance (and potentially when I should be editing). Hexagons (some of which wound up on a little pinch pouch);

some stitching on a skirt;

a bit of quilting-ish stitching experimentation;

and a cute Dear Fii burrito for a little friend (I do recommend this as a lovely way to use fabric scraps, and a perfect cuddly size for a one-year-old too).

How was October for you? I'm sure Jen won't mind if you join in a day or two late... I'm just scraping in on time!


  1. Wow! That's a fabulous October, Gina. I love all the things you're working on and have done. Here's to a great November too! :) K

  2. Sounds like a great month, Gina. And that softie is really cute!

    Did you say editing a book, by the way? That sounds interesting... :-)

  3. Oh better late than never I say! You have been a busy gal - are you enjoying the editing process? Or a bit early to tell yet?

    And that really is your cup of tea :D

  4. I'm loving all that yarn in the tea cup - delightful! Such enchanting coloured yarn & such an elegant tea service - very posh.
    I'm also adoring all your hand stitching... and I'm full of curiosity to see the finished product!
    As for your Mr. Clutterpunk's jocks - he could become a boxer short man or free ball it I suppose :)

  5. What a busy month! I can't believe you're doing all that and working too.

    I hope you will show us more of your quilting soon - it looks terrific.

  6. Lots of creativity happening in your world. I totally get you on the idea of letting new ideas simmer and gently come to the boil. Isn't it exciting when you hit upon something that really resonates.

  7. Excellent October work G. Especially juggling the Weetbix eyebrows with the editing. Also love your kind of tea, but wondering if it might get a bit chewy after a while?

  8. Oh what a month! Loving that first photo. And love that feeling of brewing an idea in the background. I hope your November is as creative and colourful.

  9. you are a funny girl. they say you can judge the economy by the state of mens underwear. something i don't wish to ponder on too much. good luck with the weetbix removal. you could leave them to dry then rip it off, a kind of d.i.y. eyebrow wax. keep up the good work. m :)

  10. OCtober was a huge mush of last minute halloween projects. I seriously need to get on these things sooner. Are you doing to show us the undies you come up with for your man? I am frightened to see how badly my thread sketching might turn out so I haven't attempted. I will just drool over how cool yours look. I think November may be a nice break for crafting. That would give a a good 2 weeks in December to try to bust out a bunch of Christmas crafting.

  11. I am feeling so much better with all your srafts on the go - all looking so much fun. I do think you need some mulling time when you discover a new medium and let the best ideas float to the top


“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
~Albert Einstein