Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Death by Wiggles.

I interrupt this craft blog to bring you a Wiggly Announcement.
Anthony, Sam, Murray and Jeff would like to welcome to their team Wilski, the Fifth Wiggle.
His specialty is Fake Guitar, which he has variously played on saucepans, egg cartons, cricket bats, juice boxes and diggers. He is also adept at Fake Keyboard, which he plays on a similar array of household items. If required he can also rock out on drums (boy do I regret bringing THOSE home from the op shop), do a bit of Wiggly Dancing, or provide some bass guitar grooves (if his mother lets him near her precious Leroy the Bass).
When not faking out to the Wiggles, Wilski enjoys singing Wiggles songs, going Wiggles logo-spotting in the neighbourhood, and forcing his parents to reenact Wiggles scenarios with Plasticine. Honestly.
Today Wilski will be joining the Wiggles, Live in Concert, at the Dallas Brooks Centre in Melbourne.
Kill me now.
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  1. I've been through all the above - including the concert. After a 21 hour stint of 'Hot Potato' playing back to back in my brain (finally fell asleep at 4am) I banned the Wiggles. Seriously. Then sent the kids to a Steiner School. (ah! blessed relief! except for the catchy tunes about gnomes and various languages keeping me awake).

  2. Ha ha ha good luck with that!

  3. Oh that's so cute! My niece went through a similar stage based on her love of High Five... it can really melt your brain!

  4. I think we have a similar problem with Chuggington (my boys think they are engines and I am railway staff). Luckily I haven't yet been asked to model anything Playdough. I love the Plasticine diorama - that's hilarious!!!


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