Monday, July 13, 2009

Random acts of craft

It's all been about the quirky, the new and the instantly gratifying for me in my snatched moments of craft these past days.

Some scrabble-tiles-turned-brooches, a witty little addition to the fingerless gloves I've made for a friend. (Part of a refashioned felted jumper ensemble, to be revealed when a few finishing touches are done).

A bit of molecular embroidery. Of course. I embroidered an isoniazid for my Beloved (don't ask me, I just do the stitch-work!) but then liked it so much I decided to stitch up a molecule close to my own heart. Can you guess what it is? Any takers?*

And finally this lovely flower, fashioned from old sewing pattern paper, some hair pins and a coat-hanger. It is, of course, from the Book of Mike.

Happy Monday, world.
*Caffeine. Mmmmm, pure caffeine.


  1. Just lovely! You have been very crafty Gina :) I'm afraid I wouldn't know a molecule from a miniscule but I do think it looks rather gorgeous ;) Love the scrabble brooches too. Great post. Kylie x

  2. I studied too much art and literature and not enough maths and science.... don't know what your molecule is, but love all the cute and quirky crafty going on there.

  3. It's an isoniacraftzid. Of course.

  4. We are feeling distinctly intimidated by your burgeoning crafty prowess and are worried that non-crafty people will not be welcomed on Sunday nights in the future. We think you may have replaced the necessity of our company with craftiness... :(

  5. Oh yeah, I'd recognize a caffeine molecule anywhere :) I gave a 'lesson' on caffeine when I was doing my sessional teacher (aka 'tutor') training. (Also, in a past life I was a Chemistry/Pharmacology Science major!) Loving all your crafty bits today.

  6. I love the flower, it's so delicate.


“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
~Albert Einstein