Thursday, June 2, 2011

Creative Space

I don't know what this is yet. I'm just making for the heck of it.  This is the first bit of machine sewing I've attempted in over six months, and it was simply time to stop procrastinating and start sewing - just anything, anything to break the drought. Sew first, think later.

So I'm playing with kimono off-cuts and foundation-piecing, much like I did for last year's muff. I'm not sure what it will become or who it will be for, but I do like a bit of mystery sewing - I think it's how I operate best. Otherwise I would have stayed stuck in the thinking, choosing, tracing, cutting, measuring, and still not have cracked the machine out. Now it's done and the drought is broken.

I'm getting this bit of sewing and blogging in because it's been an early start to the day. The boys got up at 4:30am - FOUR THIRTY!! And on our busiest day of the week. I stayed in bed until the babe called for me at 6am, but when the Beloved left for work I switched on the TV without guilt or reserve and shut myself in my new craft room. (Yes, my own room - so novel, so fun, I can barely get my head around it!). Soon we leave for the day, and I can just leave this sew-your-own-adventure project out for later.

Creative spaces now meeting over here - hope to see you there!


  1. Your own craft room - divine - a sanctuary of creativeness and a bit of time out sounds perfect. Enjoy the mystery sewing!

  2. Good on you. I hope you feel better for it. Your muff reminds me of a foot warmer my son made for me when he was much younger. It is similar only mine is sewn on three sides, not two. It is so useful in the bed when the nights get cool and before I start using the electric blanket. Cherrie

  3. My days of having a dedicated craft room are numbered so I really need to get in & clean it up so I can use it (occasionally) without stepping over copious piles of this & thats!

    FOUR THIRTY.......ouch!

  4. My little girl woke me at 5.30am. I was thinking of complaining until I read your post...
    I haven't sewn anything for over 8 months and I don't have the excuse of being pregnant or the introduction of a newborn!
    BUT I'm going to my a quilt class tomorrow and I'm worried because I feel like I'm coming down with something. I swear, my arm could be hanging by a thread and I will going to that class tomorrow.

  5. loving the fabric combo so it'll turn out good, what ever it is!

  6. i am glad you are sewing again, enjoy looking at your creations : )

  7. I like the colours a lot :)

  8. Shelves...full of, stuff. Your stuff! I would so love that... (er, the shelves not your stuff...actually on second thought, I'd take your stuff too.)

    I'm thinking of a new patchworky venture to start on the weekend. I was thinking of ANOTHER venture this morning while eyeing off Monkey Boy's bed. Then I started thinking I'd like some new cushion covers...
    I blame you :-)


“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
~Albert Einstein