Friday, May 27, 2011

The perfect Friday night in

3 children quiet in their beds (for now)
a tired but happy husband home from his long day
West Wing season 4
warm apple and rhubarb crumble
cold ice cream
some satisfying hand-sewing
(one pentagon patchwork ball completed, another on the way)

I just had to take a break in between episodes
to take a photo, remember a lovely moment
and make some tea.


  1. Sounds nice. Happy weekend too!

  2. GORGEOUS!! Oh how lovely, i'm off to lounge about with some craft now too, love Posie
    (Blogger won't let me sign in, sorry to be anonymous)

  3. Sounds like a lovely evening. Enjoy your weekend!

    PS. I wanted to comment with my blogger account, like you asked me to, but somehow I seem to not able to do that. It keeps asking me to log in and not wanting to post what I wrote. Grmbl!

  4. Definitely a photo moment mum!! You reminded me we have cherry crumble and choc ice cream... Hehe

    Xo Steph

  5. It's all about savouring these moments isn't it. Helps the next day when all is going to pot and you can just close your eyes and remember that these moments of quietness and contentment do occur.

  6. Perfect and snap! I was West Winging too!

  7. Apple crumble & ice cream... heaven!

  8. It is so good you could sit back and relish the moment... They often feel so far inbetween... Sounds perfect to me : o )

  9. Now that is my kind of night. I loooove West Wing. We have the box set and we've been through all seasons at least four times. Isn't that insane?!

  10. That pentagon patchwork ball is too cute! What's the pattern?

  11. Mmm, sounds really nice. And a great example of really experiencing the present moment as it's happening!

  12. crumble. sleeping children. making.

    oh stop it!!



“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
~Albert Einstein