Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend re:cap.

I just spent a weekend away from all three of my boys - a first since I became a mother.

It was a great thing to do for my health, physical and mental. Far from being a weird experience, it felt very normal to be 'unencumbered'. Clearly I have retained some sense of self in this whole parenting caper. I didn't feel lost, fraudulent or naked without a toddler attached to my leg or someone calling me 'mummy'. I didn't go giddy with freedom either. But I did take a while to adjust to making decisions without consultation, and performing routine tasks without explanation; apologies to Sonia, my travelling companion, for my running commentary on my every thought and movement!

Of course, I didn't take photos. It was nice to be in the moment rather than observing the moment from behind a camera lens, searching for the blog-worthy. Therefore I have nothing to show you:

...of breathtakingly beautiful Daylesford
...of meeting two of its most fabulous inhabitants, Beck and Kate
...of trudging about town in my gumboots
...of breathing in fresh air at the lake
...of running into numerous Northside Makers
...of good coffees and conversations with my travelling companion
...of saving Tania's bladder from self-combustion at the Maker's Market
...of stitching, reading and reflecting in front of an open fire
...of delicious shared plates and laughter
...of a Sunday full of stitching and fun at the Daylesford Craft Experience.

I do however have three mementos of my weekend escape:
 a finished hexie quilt top
a nice warm handmade cap
and a smile.


  1. good to see you the other day Miss Gina.
    unlike you, I did have moments of nakedness..
    tomorrow where we said, unless it rains, then pop around to mine.

  2. Hail ye most excellent bladder saviour and bringer of gladness. SO good to see you on Saturday with such a true, beaming smile on your dial.

  3. And this is where I shake my head and say, oh no, I was in Castlemaine- which I believe is about 30 mins away and I missed out. Kate mentioned there was something crafty on but I didn't follow it up and now am severely disappointed. Well done you. I have been away with a girlfriend to a b and b for crafting about 4 years ago and she was much more balanced than me without kids- I was abit anxious and the bit of heart elastic was just stretched longer. I don't know what to do about that...
    Great hat!

  4. Glad you had a good time :-) Looks like it was rather productive, too!

  5. Woohooop! Just whooping for joy, can't help it- I know exactly how you must be feeling, because I too had a family-free crafting weekend, just down the road at Woodend, and I too am feeling totally reinvigorated! I'm planning to hang on to the feeling for as long as possible.

    However I can't claim the satisfaction of having finished a hexy quilt top- congratulations! And gorgeous hat ;)

  6. How fabulous :) Glad you had a wonderful day to yourself. Kx

  7. AHaha... woohoo you go girl!! You are one adorable person and your hat far out does my op shop grey hat!!! Love hearing that you did what you did and enjoyed every moment of it!! That's what we mums like to hear!!!!

    xo Steph

  8. Gorgeous cap! Glad you had a great weekend.

  9. It sounds like you had a great time for the first family free weekend. Love the look of the hexagon quilt top and the hat is awesome. I'm heading away for the first time ever the weekend after next which after nearly 6 years is coming just in time!!!!! x

  10. Lucky you! Yes I feel a bit naked without my kids around, if I ever have any time alone I just wander around aimlessly not knowing what to do! You didnt have any trouble though, Great hat and love the quilt! Can we see some more pictures pretty please?

  11. What a wonderful thing to hear. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself.

  12. sounds like a wonderful weekend and how neat to meet other bloggers too. I went to Daylesford a few years ago when we lived in Melbourne and loved it :)

  13. like the quilt, like the cap and like the smile :D

  14. Sounds like the best weekend ever, just about. Isn't it so good to have that time away and return home feeling so reinvigorated? I can relate to the period of adjustment too.. It happens to me every time I shop alone, and then I get over it and its soooo good. May you have many more wonderful weekends like this!!

  15. Gina, It was so great to catch up a teeny bit on the weekend. I'm glad you first "time away" was such a success...

  16. good on you for leaving the men folk, I am yet to leave Busy overnight.... soon I think. love the hat and of course the smile that goes with it. x

  17. Sounds like heaven!! I have not yet been to Daylesford. can't wait- it sounds magic. Have a wonderful week getting reacquainted with the boys! xo m.

  18. Glad to see you beaming with happiness. A good weekend to yourself/with friends was an excellent plan

  19. what a great treat. I always get panicy about how I should be somewhere or that I am about to be called and have to remind myself constantly that I have all the time in the world to browse that bookshop or drink that coffee!

    And I also slot into it so easily - like I never stopped being a free agent. It is strange isn't it?

  20. Oh look at you you gorgeous thing you.
    I LOVED meeting you and that I got to share in a few of your precious kid free moments. I love that now I read your blog in your voice. And I love that you had such a great time in our li town. Come back soon. X

  21. You lucky lucky thing! I am so envious and it sounds like you had a fab time. Thanks so much for you sweet comments on my blog!

  22. time away sounds wonderful. i'm glad you enjoyed it.

  23. I love the hat!
    Glad that a little tie away has renewed the batteries and a feeling of clean air in the lungs.

  24. Sounds like a wonderful time Gina. I think most moms need that from time to time, and I am glad you came back feeling so refreshed. You deserve it!

    PS. Cute cap!

  25. Sounds SO wonderful!!!
    I haven't had a weekend away since I became a mother yet either... something that I hope to do once M. stops breastfeeding - and I have enough frequent flier points to get to Melb so watch out :)
    In May just past I had my first day without the crew since M. was born. I gotta say that it did feel very surreal for me... eerie being at home without the chaos. I reackon I spent the first hour just sitting at the end of the bed staring out the window following the thoughts in my mind actually reach a conclusion without interuption. Magical!

    Loving your cap.

  26. :-) I had my first one of those a few weeks ago. I got to go to Melbourne! I'm loathe to admit it, but Melbourne's much cooler than Brisbane, though I like to tell myself that Brisvegas has an edge all of its own.


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