Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Join me for a cuppa on Thursday? Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

I meet regularly with a group of women on a Thursday morning from my church community in Carlton, and each year we like to host a Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser. Cancer is such a prevalent part of peoples lives these days. It seems now that most of us have had first-hand experience of walking with someone who has endured some form of cancer - or been taken away from us because of it. So we like to join in with the Australia-wide fundraiser, not just to raise money but to talk and share the burden of the devastation of cancer together.

Our morning tea is this Thursday May 28, from 10-11:30am at St Jude's Carlton - full details HERE on the Cancer Council Website. There will be a chance to donate money towards medical research, lots of delicious morning tea, and a short talk from someone who has been caring for a cancer sufferer, and the interplay between her experience of cancer and her faith. For those of us who have kids, there is a great creche provided with lots of space and activities for little ones (or they are welcome at the morning tea).

Personally, I am still grieving the death of my mate Ben, a year and a half ago. A strange lump on his leg was found to be cancerous... and all of a sudden, in a short space of time, he was gone from among us. It still guts me that someone so young, vibrant, talented and with so much to give the world could be felled by a lump on his leg. It's not the way it's supposed to be.

If you're around and interested in joining me at this event, please let me know. I'd be so happy to meet you and share a cuppa with you for this cause. If not, see if there is a fundraiser happening in your neck of the woods and try to get along to it.

Meanwhile, I've found the camera lead and I'll be back tomorrow with some CRAFT. Shock, horror!


  1. All the best for your morning tea , hope you raise lots of money and awareness .

  2. Oh, man. When you hear about the stuff that happens that really isn't supposed to happen, it's a heck of a wake-up. Smell the roses, people! Carpe diem!

    Hope you raise a stash of cash and truckload of awareness, G.

  3. I will try to make it out there depending on the house of sickness, hope you have a great morning if I don't

  4. I'll definitely be there Gina!
    Shall I bring something?

  5. Gina- Cathie has offered to bring something. Say yes, and even if it 'accidently' doesnt' make it to your shared morning tea, it might 'accidently' make it to your morning tea for the next 3 days. I would love to come, but, well, it's a jolly long way and I am going to a local one on Friday.
    I love to hear about churches hosting or at least letting their building be used, events like this.
    I work in Palliative Care, Gina, and some days it's just too sad. Like your mate Ben's story xx

  6. will be seeing you there... and may I say it's lovely to have you back posting. I missed you.

  7. Wishing you a great and successful morning tea.I worked in cancer research in the past and it is such a slow process to get to something...while you hear more and more of this kind of frightening stories...All the best x

  8. If it didn't involve a flight, I'd be there. My best friend lost her gorgeous mum to Cancer three years ago and like your friend Ben it was super fast. Like Tania says above, reading a story like Ben's makes you sit up straight and not sweat the small stuff ... so much ;)

    Have a lovely morning and have a cuppa for me xx

  9. hope the morning tea goes really well today. thinking of you all as you remember your loved ones. my daughter is having a 'yellow day' at school today and will be remembering her very special "grad".

  10. I've been thinking of you. I even thought for a moment about trying to come along. But I couldn't, for practical and not so practical reasons. xxx


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