Sunday, August 23, 2009

Peace stitches

A quiet week. Time for some reflection and rumination, and just a bit of stitching.

This is a small gift for a friend. A friend towards whom I was insensitive and thoughtless. A friend who graciously forgave.

Thank you friend.


  1. Beautiful embroidery.
    I'm sure your friend felt the love and care and apologies in each and every stitch you made for her. True friends accept us when we are at times thoughtless and insensitive; they remind us we are misbehaving, but they do forgive us. I'm glad you have a true friend - someone who'll love your red stitches.

  2. This is so beautiful, Gina. Your friend is going to love it! But I'm sure your friend already knows what a treasure you are :) K

  3. Your peace dove is beautiful Gina. A perfect present to a good friend from a good friend. Ellie's words above are so true and so well articulated.

  4. Oh....Look....I haven't been offended at all.....really you shouldn't have ;)

    Well its worth a try!!!

  5. I'm putting my hand up. I too, am guilty of such evils. A whole lot of self flagellation and repentance goes on after I have realised my sins. But, um, feel free to take aim at me with those sort of apologies on offer.

  6. Gina, that's beautiful. The stitches, the colours, the sentiment behind it. I am sure your friend realizes what a wonderful friend she has in you.

  7. Olá! Conheci seu cantinho e é tudo de bom!
    Lindo e criativo!...
    Amei mesmo!!!
    Parabéns pelo seu trabalho!
    Se puder, dê uma espiadinha no meu:
    Beijinhos carinhosos.
    Itabira - Brasil

  8. what a lovely birdie you clever lady x x

  9. What a beautiful peace offering. Love the running stitch style - simplicity at it's best.

  10. Nice, it looks so professional. How do you make the stitches so equal?

  11. Yes - how are they so perfect looking? Mine never look that yummy!!

  12. what a lovely gift. thanks for your comment too, such a great idea to create a box of hankies - i LOVE it!


“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
~Albert Einstein